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  • SeddieFever

    Okay so by now I'm sure all of you know about the upcoming Seddie arc, which will last for 4 episodes titled, iLost My Mind, iDate Sam and Freddie, iCan't Take It, and iLove You. And I'm sure you've read a lot of specualtions on what is going to happen during these 4 episodes, am I right? Well you're about to read another one ;P

    Before reading there is a few things you should know:

    1. I am 100% Seddie Shipper, so if you are a Creddie shipper please no bashing in the comments(:

    and 2. These opinions are my own and therefore I hope you will respect what I have to say.


    So here is what I think will happen in each episode:

    iLMM: As seen in the promo, Sam will check herself into a Mental Hospital and will 'think' she is losing her mind as she is in…

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  • SeddieFever

    Okay before reading this I just want to let you know,

    1. This is my first ever blog

    and 2. I support Seddie all the way(:

    Okay so I joined a couple of months ago, and lately as I've been browsing through the blogs I've noticed something weird...

    Seddie fans have been specualting that Sam and Freddie won't end up together?

    Alot of Seddie shippers have been specualting about what will happen during the Seddie arc...and I was confused to find they have been saying at the end of the 'arc' Seddie will remain friends and nothing more??

    I must ask, why?

    I mean, if you are Seddie fans, shouldn't you be rooting for Sam and Freddie to end up together? I've been curious about it for a while. Not just on here, on other sites as well it has been happening.

    I m…

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