Okay before reading this I just want to let you know,

1. This is my first ever blog

and 2. I support Seddie all the way(:

Okay so I joined a couple of months ago, and lately as I've been browsing through the blogs I've noticed something weird...

Seddie fans have been specualting that Sam and Freddie won't end up together?

Alot of Seddie shippers have been specualting about what will happen during the Seddie arc...and I was confused to find they have been saying at the end of the 'arc' Seddie will remain friends and nothing more??

I must ask, why?

I mean, if you are Seddie fans, shouldn't you be rooting for Sam and Freddie to end up together? I've been curious about it for a while. Not just on here, on other sites as well it has been happening.

I mean if you keep having a negative outlook on it, it may even turn you into a ...(daring myself to say it) C-C-Creddier.

And you must know, I'm not talking about all Seddie fans out there! I'm only talking about some of you, and you probably know who you are?

I, for one, think Seddie is going to prevail at the end of all this! There's plenty of reasons to why they are going to end up together, and I think I probably might make another blog posting my reasons why.

I came up with a few reasons to try to explain why some of you might be specualting this but to be honest I still don't understand...

1. You don't want to get your hopes up because you think somehow Seddie is not going to happen.

2. You are trying to convince yourself Seddie isn't going to happen because you secertly ship C-C-Creddie.

3. You want to put your hopes down so that when it does happen you'll be even more happy?  :S


Anyway if you know the reason or you want to randomly rant about Seddie vs Creddie, post below(:

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