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  • SeddieICarly14

    I need help

    November 12, 2011 by SeddieICarly14

    so wassup icarly fans :) anyway I need help on something I might need more help later on since I am new on wiki :)

    so lately I have been working on kickin it wiki if you don't know kickin it is a show in disney xd that's totally awesome and i am in love with leo howard

    anyway moving on

    since kickin it is a new show just aired this july they haven't got much in their wiki so I thought I edit and make it like an icarly wiki

    but since I'm new I seriously need help

    ok :)

    I am making a pairing page between Leo and Olivia who plays Kim on the show. I recently made an infobox

    and I don't know how to add a picture in that infobox I also have no idea how to add contents and moments

    like jathan moments so help would really work :)


    Peace :P

    Anima aka Sed…

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  • SeddieICarly14

    Hello so as you know ICan't take it is coming this September and we have no clue what's happening cuz only one promo has aired.

    Anyway these are what I think its going to happen if you have any other ideas don't hesitate to write them down I am looking forward to reading opinions

    ICan't Take it:

    Sam and Freddie are still dating and Gibby tells Mrs Benson about it she eventually finds out and asks Carly for more details then she asks Carly and Gibby to join her to sabotage their relationships it works and they break up

    Mrs Benson keeps Freddie away from Sam as possible and asks him to never see her again

    ILove You:

    Sam and Freddie have broken up and Freddie misses Sam so of course he stands up to himself and says he loves Sam and doesn't care if …

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  • SeddieICarly14

    Reaction for ILMM!

    August 14, 2011 by SeddieICarly14


    I can't stop giggling but i can't cause people in my house are sleeping xD

    so best seddie episode ever!

    but IDate Sam and Freddie is gonna air in September :(


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  • SeddieICarly14

    ok so tomorrow is the airdate of ILMM since I live in uk I can't watch them but if you guys find a good link post it in the comments ;)

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  • SeddieICarly14


    June 19, 2011 by SeddieICarly14

    Ok so recently Dan on his twitter said that he's writing a sequel for an episode we already know and most people think its ISYL some think its ITwins while some think its ISpeed Date.I personally think it could either be ISD or ITwins but my hope is on ITwins because I like to see Jennette play double again

    ok this is what happens

    Sam gets a text from Melanie saying she's going to visit and Freddie doesn't believe her as usual but Freddie finally believes her when he sees both Melanie and Sam together

    Melanie still has a crush on Freddie and asks him on a date.Sam and Freddie are dating so he says no

    Melanie then decides to be Sam and go on a date with Freddie and Sam wants to know where her boyfriend went

    then Sam sees them together in a resta…

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