Hello so as you know ICan't take it is coming this September and we have no clue what's happening cuz only one promo has aired.

Anyway these are what I think its going to happen if you have any other ideas don't hesitate to write them down I am looking forward to reading opinions

ICan't Take it:

Sam and Freddie are still dating and Gibby tells Mrs Benson about it she eventually finds out and asks Carly for more details then she asks Carly and Gibby to join her to sabotage their relationships it works and they break up

Mrs Benson keeps Freddie away from Sam as possible and asks him to never see her again

ILove You:

Sam and Freddie have broken up and Freddie misses Sam so of course he stands up to himself and says he loves Sam and doesn't care if his mom doesn't approve then he goes to Sam to tell her about how he misses her

when he goes to Carly's apartment he ask Carly where Sam is,Sam comes up from the elevator saying she's gone to jail to visit her Uncle Carmine and talk about the break up Freddie tells Sam how he feels and they eventually get back together but Sam asks Freddie to come to jail again to explain to Uncle Carmine that they're back together so of course he agrees and goes with her they tell him about the back together thing he tells Freddie never to break her heart again and be good to Sammy XD after that he approves of them dating and forgives Freddie for break up

Carly and Gibby decide to tell Freddie and Sam that they were in a sabotage team with Mrs Benson to break them up now that Seddie was back together of course Sam gets mad and whacks Gibby [credit XD]

but they[Cibby] decide to stay out of their relationship and not break them up

ok thats my specs what do you think is gonna happen?Comment below

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