Ok so recently Dan on his twitter said that he's writing a sequel for an episode we already know and most people think its ISYL some think its ITwins while some think its ISpeed Date.I personally think it could either be ISD or ITwins but my hope is on ITwins because I like to see Jennette play double again

ok this is what happens

Sam gets a text from Melanie saying she's going to visit and Freddie doesn't believe her as usual but Freddie finally believes her when he sees both Melanie and Sam together

Melanie still has a crush on Freddie and asks him on a date.Sam and Freddie are dating so he says no

Melanie then decides to be Sam and go on a date with Freddie and Sam wants to know where her boyfriend went

then Sam sees them together in a restaurant and decides to end the date

Freddie apolosizes for going on a date with Melanie thinking its Sam and not realising it

Melanie apolisizes too and decides to give up on Freddie

at the end Melanie stars as a guest in ICarly

meanwhile Carly and Spencer decide to prank Chuck for a segment on ICarly

this is just a fake episode I think its gonna happen

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