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I need help

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so wassup icarly fans :) anyway I need help on something I might need more help later on since I am new on wiki :)

so lately I have been working on kickin it wiki if you don't know kickin it is a show in disney xd that's totally awesome and i am in love with leo howard

anyway moving on

since kickin it is a new show just aired this july they haven't got much in their wiki so I thought I edit and make it like an icarly wiki

but since I'm new I seriously need help

ok :)

I am making a pairing page between Leo and Olivia who plays Kim on the show. I recently made an infobox

and I don't know how to add a picture in that infobox I also have no idea how to add contents and moments

like jathan moments so help would really work :)


Peace :P

Anima aka SeddieICarly14

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