Ok, before i'm starting to say what i thought about the incredible iStill psycho, i need to explain some things:

A. from the minutes I heard about seddie, i'm in love with this couple. like, hard. they are my life. with other things, but they have a big part of it.

B. With my big love to seddie, I do miss their fights and the old seddie. yeah yeah, I didn't much love the iCarly of seddie is going out. but, just because they did it like that. i think that if they would do it more... natural, and it can be natural, it may be the best episodes in the world.

C. I loved iStill psycho, but i think that if they would do the end in something like:

sam is going to Nora, and telling her :"Hey bitch! i kissed him first!" and then sam

punc'''''h Nora in the face.


Sam's reaction to Nora kissing freddie.

so I may be the happiest girl in the world. but it isn't like that! why? i have no idea guys!

this is sam's reaction. what would you say? jealousy? what are you smelling here? i don't know, i see sadness. isn't it? ------------>

so what i prefer? i prefer the seddie we didn't see yet, but i believe we will. i learned to know dan and i know he did the break up of seddie as it is, from a reason. remember what i'm telling you- seddie is not over, and they will come back, big time, in the perfect way. nateral and with love and so on. i know that with all my heart!

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