I am not SeddieKissiOMG, just using her computer. She had to leave to do a charity work for school. She is a Seddie shipper, and I am a Creddie/Sibby shipper.

I doubt Sam would love Freddie all of a sudden, and I doubt she ever will. Here are some possiblities that Melanie could've been in the episode. I've explained to Luna(SeddieKissiOMG) how many times that it is Melanie, and Dan Schneider is tricking us to think it's Sam. She gets upset, but I know it's true.


In case you don't know, Melanie is Sam's twin sister that is the OPPOSITE of Sam. Melanie likes Freddie, stripes, etc all stuff Sam hates.

  1. Think about it. Sam could've been in Juvie, so Sam's mom probably didn't want Sam to fail again for not showing up at the Lock in. So Pam(Sam's mom) might of called Melanie from her far away boarding school to come, and pretend to be Sam. And to not tell Sam's friends.
  2. We all know Melanie is REALLY really nice. And Sam is not. Maybe this is why "Sam" was acting so nice in this episode. Because Melanie was pretending to be Sam, & she doesn't have Sam's bitchyness to she couldn't pretend to be Sam as the real Sam.
  3. Melanie has a crush on Freddie, so that's probably why she was hanging out with him and Brad the whole week while attempting to be Sam.
  4. Everyone was saying Sam is changing. It's because it is actually Melanie, Melanie isn't as nice as she usually is because she is trying to be Sam(which is impossible).
  5. Melanie was wearing stripes in this episode. We all know for a known fact that Sam hates stripes.
  6. When Carly was trying to get Sam's attention in the school hallway by yelling "SAM!", "Sam" was confused. Probably because Melanie is used to people calling her Melanie.
  7. "Sam" kissed Freddie. We all know the real Sam would never do that again. Melanie is the one who has a crush on Freddie/ is in love with him.
  8. Dan likes playing mind games with the fans.
  9. Since when is Sam in love? If Sam was in love with Freddie we would've known by now. She wouldn't randomly start hanging out with him for no reason. So it HAS to be Melanie.
  10. Seddie fans weren't that excited after iOMG came out, so they probably knew it wasn't Sam, because they didn't feel the same Seddie electric spark.

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