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An other *IM*possible sequel of IOMG

Sam: Sorry

Freddie: It's cool

Sam: Oh...It's cool...Really!?!?

Freddie: Yeah...but I'm not in love with you...

Sam: Umh? Oh Benson, who do you love then? Carly?

Freddie: No...I don't love her more...

Sam: * rolls her eyes* Melanie?

Freddie: No

Sam: Mandy?

Freddie: It's gross! No!

Sam: Wendy?

Freddie: No...* surprised* But who is Wendy?

Sam: *rolls her eyes* Principal Franklin?

Freddie: NOOO!

Sam: Nevel?

Freddie: No!

Sam: And then?

Freddie: I LOVE YOUR HAM!!!

  • he takes the ham *

Freddie: Oh, oh Ham!!!!!!!!!!!

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