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Seddie sequels 2

To all Seddie Lovers, Shippers and Warriors.

These scripts are taken by some my messages posted on the Seddie page

They are *IM*possible sequels of the epic episode "IOMG": A crazy sequel, a sad sequel and a boring sequel :)


Sam: Sorry…

Freddie: It’s cool…But Why you have kissed me?

Sam: * surprised face * Oh, come on Benson! I’ve kissed you because I LOVE YOU!

Freddie: Oh * faints *

Sam: Stupid GERK!!! It’s so terrible that I love you?

Freddie: * returns to reason * Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…it’s so good…But…

Sam: But you love Carly! I know it! She, the perfect-girly-sweet Carly, my boys-magnet bestfriend!! I hate this situation!

Freddie: Sam, I…

Sam: Shut up, Benson! I hate you a lot!

Freddie: But, Sam, I…

Sam: And I hate Carly too!

Freddie: Sam…


Freddie: SAM!!! I don’t love Carly more!

Sam * blinks, blinks, blinks *: But…Then…Who do you like?

Freddie: I can’t tell this *blushes *

Sam: * hopeful * You MUST tell this!

Freddie: No…

Sam: I’ll BEAT you if you don’t tell this!!!!!

Freddie: Ok-Ok-Ok!!! Oh, Sam…


Freddie: I love…I love… *GLUP*

Sam: Me?

Freddie: Oh, no! * blushes again * I LOVE SPENCER!!!

Sam: OMG!!! * faints *

Carly: * over the window* OMG!!! * faints *

Spencer: OMG!!! * faints *

Gibby: OMG!!! Freddie, why do you love Spencer? I love YOU!!! * faints *

Brad: OMG!!! I love Spencer too!!! * faints *

T-Bo: OMG!!! One cucumber is eating me!!! * faints *

Nevel: OMG!!! One cucumber is eating T-Bo!!! * faints *


Sam: Sorry…

Freddie: It’s cool…

Sam: It’s cool? Freddie: Yeah…Cool…Strange…Foolish…* He closes his eyes and after looks at her with dismayed* Oh Sam, why you did it? It doesn’t have sense! You hate me!

Sam: Freddie… I think…I think I love you…

Freddie: You love me? You, Sam? You, my personal and daily nightmare?


Freddie: It’s true? You…You love me?

Sam: Yeah…And you?

Freddie: Me?

Sam: You love me too?

Freddie: Sam… * He takes her hands and sighs * During these years, I’ve learnt to be your friend…In my mind you are a great and special girl, and you’ll are in this way for me forever…But I don’t love you…I’ll not love you never… Sam…You are my best friend, but only Carly is my real love, and only she have my heart, my mind, my soul…Nobody else…

Sam: Oh… *her eyes are lifeless *

Freddie: But I don’t want to lose you for a stupid kiss! You are an important friend for me…

Sam: Yeah…Sorry, I must go away…

Freddie: Sam, wait!!

Sam: I MUST GO AWAY! Stupid dork…Now, I really hate you…

Some days later.

Sam’s room. It’s midnight.

Sam: Freddie… * She opens a drawer and takes a photo, where there are the main cast of Icarly. Freddie is near Carly, and she near Freddie. Freddie smiles, but his hand is around Carly’s waist *

Sam cries, and tears the photo.

“ You broke my heart, and now I’ve broken you…”


Sam: Sorry

Freddie: It's cool

Sam: I love you

Freddie: I love you too

Sam: Do you want marry me?

Freddie: Why not? Yeah, it's ok

Sam: Carly will be my bridesmaid

Freddie: And Nevel will be my witness...

Sam: Ok

Freddie: Ok

Sam: Ok

Freddie: Ok

  • Cold silence *

Sam: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Freddie: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Carly *over the window *: Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...It's so boring......

I want to post other sequels :) It's so funny :D

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