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  • SeddieLove4ever

    Hi Icarly Lovers,

    I'm so bored and for this reason I've made this random blog.

    This is the central question:

    - In Pokemon BW (Best Whishes or Black and White) Ash, the main character, has again TEN years...

    0_0 It's impossible...After Kanto, Orange Islands, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and now the new is he still 10 years old?!?!?

    So mad.... X0

    What are the real reasons of this strange phenomenon??????????????????'

    Number 1 = Ash has the fantastic Sorcerer's Stone and he is immortal and forever young (Voldemort would kill him for it...XD)

    Number 2 = Ash is a cruel Japanese Robot

    Number 3 = Ash doesn't exist (oh, really)??

    Number 4 = Ash is a girl 0_0 (umh???)

    Number 5 = Ash is Methuselah

    Number 6 = ????

    Ash, darling, you're getting us CRAZY!!!! XD XD XD

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  • SeddieLove4ever

    ILike Spencer

    June 15, 2011 by SeddieLove4ever

    Hi Icarly Lovers,

    Who has a small, medium or BIG crush on Carly's SuperCrazyWeirdSweetExuberantMad brother?

    And Why?


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  • SeddieLove4ever

    Hi Icarly Lovers,

    This is my question: Do you prefer Jennette Mccurdy or Miranda Cosgrove?

    Jennette and MIranda are both good actresses and good singers, but I like more Jennette for lots of reasons (her amazing personality, her interest in the social and moral problems, her strong heart in difficult moments...)

    These are the most popular songs of Jennette and Miranda:

    Homeless heart About You know
    So close Stay my baby
    Put your arms around someone Kissing U
    Not that far away Raining Sunshine
    Generation Love Dancing Crazy

    I LOVE "Generation Love", "Not that far away" and "Homeless heart"...

    Jennette Mccurdy's voice is incredible...

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  • SeddieLove4ever

    Hi Icarly lovers,

    this is my question: Who is SHOCKED for the new ILMM (Ilost my mind) promo?

    My personal reaction *look the pics* : TOTAL SHOCKED !!

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  • SeddieLove4ever

    Some(maybe) funny Icarly videos from You Tube:

    Sorry,but English is not my first language ... I found these videos on the internet but I could not fully understand the meaning.

    Should there be any dialogues or contents not suitable for this site, please let me know.

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