• SeddieLover1997

    Okay So I Bet All Of You have heard of the new Icarly upcoming episode possibly airing August 13,2011. Yay! Im so excited.

    Heres my speculation:

    Sam checks herself into a mental hospital after kissing Freddie 3 days after the lock-in at school. Freddie begins to worry so he come to Carly and says "Ive been worried about Sam, Its been 3 days since----" Carly:"You two kissed?" and then Freddie Raises his eyebrow and Carly says "Thats right, i saw it with my own 2 eyes" and so Freddie searches where Sam is and finds out she is in a mental hospital. Gibby comes by the Shay Apartment and Carly tells Gibby they are going to a mental hospital and then Gibby gets excited. When Carly,Freddie,and Gibby get there, The nurse check-in lady wont let them …

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