Okay So I Bet All Of You have heard of the new Icarly upcoming episode possibly airing August 13,2011. Yay! Im so excited.

Heres my speculation:

Sam checks herself into a mental hospital after kissing Freddie 3 days after the lock-in at school. Freddie begins to worry so he come to Carly and says "Ive been worried about Sam, Its been 3 days since----" Carly:"You two kissed?" and then Freddie Raises his eyebrow and Carly says "Thats right, i saw it with my own 2 eyes" and so Freddie searches where Sam is and finds out she is in a mental hospital. Gibby comes by the Shay Apartment and Carly tells Gibby they are going to a mental hospital and then Gibby gets excited. When Carly,Freddie,and Gibby get there, The nurse check-in lady wont let them in so Freddie tells Gibby to distract the Nurse while Freddie and Carly go find Sam. While This is happening Sam Finds a guy offering Quesadillas and she steals the whole Thing of them. Carly finds Sam's room and talks to her about her and Freddie and Sam admits that she loves Freddie so Carly Screams "SAM LOVES FREDDIE, SAM LOVES FRE--" Then Sam covers her mouth to make her be quiet and not get anyone's attention. Next Freddie talks to sam and says "Can we talk

ICarly iLost My Mind Promo200:00

ICarly iLost My Mind Promo2

ICarly ILost My Mind Real Promo

about the kiss?" Sam first tries to avoid talking about it but yells "I hate you" to Freddie so he says "Then Why Did You Kiss Me?!?!?!" and she says "Because I like you." and Then Freddie says "So you hate me and you like me?" and she says "Now you see why i'm in here" meanwhile, Carly and Gibby meet Caleb, A mental Hospital patient who believes he can determine the future because he thinks he is from there. Carly doesn't believe him


until he mentions something she gets interested in but Gibby believed him the whole time. Then When Sam,Freddie,Carly, and Gibby try to leave a security guard throws Gibby,Carly, and Freddie out but Sam has to stay. To get Sam out, Spencer dresses as Sam's mother and tells the people at the Mental Hospital that "she" wants Sam checked out but a man from Spencer's old law school class recognizes him and Sam gets thrown out too i think. Then they shoot ICarly again and some icarly fans think that Sam and Freddie would make a good couple. Then in the next episodes, they date in IDate Sam and Freddie,ICant Take it (Carly gets frustrated when Seddie wont concentrate during the show I think) and ILove You (Possibly sam and freddie tell each other they love each other while Spencer gets a new girlfriend he really likes)

Remember: This is just what i think wil

l happen due to the promos and my brain :)

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