• SeddieLover26

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  • SeddieLover26

    BRAND new wiki look

    October 23, 2010 by SeddieLover26

    omg I just signed on and saw the brand new wiki look... and I personally love it! It's still purple ☺ and SO much easier to use. anyone else agree?

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  • SeddieLover26

    Raising Morale

    October 17, 2010 by SeddieLover26

    November... Really Dan?

    Daniel James Schneider is making us wait until NOVEMBER until we can find out if Seddie will win the epic battle.

    Dan started world war 3 over a thirty second promo!

    ANYWAY, since we wont be getting any iCarly supposedly until then, I need some help raising morale!

    Right here ASAP!

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  • SeddieLover26

    iStar a Fanwar

    October 3, 2010 by SeddieLover26

    Ok I just finished watching iSell Penny Tees when I was hit with a brilliant Seddie idea. No, literally I was hit.

    Seddie seems to be happening a bit more on iCarly . com than in regular iCarly, right? "Together we CAN keep Sam out of juvie." Well, iCarly fans can SUPPOSEDLY only see whats on the website, right? Well, if there's a lot of Seddie on the website, there would be more Seddie fans, right?

    Now what do we know about iStart a Fanwar?

    1. Nathan says that it'll be like the Seddiers and Cru- I mean Creddiers are actually IN the episode.
    2. Someone (a Seddier?) throws a chair at Carly ( I hate Carly, jsyk)

    Anybody else get it yet? Could more iCarly (dot com) veiwers become Seddie fans and bring Sam/Freddie together?

    ok, its like a vaccination. If mo…

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  • SeddieLover26

    Explaining Seddie

    September 9, 2010 by SeddieLover26

    I asked a friend of mine "Seddie or Creddie?". She looked at me with big eyes and asked "What's a Seddie?" I almost died. jk.

    But how am I supposed to answer that? Besides "It is a pairing of Sam and Freddie." I think that the explanation of Seddie deserves more than eight words. (8, coincidence?) HELP ME! Can you come up with ways to describe Seddie? bonus points for long words.

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