Has anybody heard of my Seddie theory? Of course not, I didn't tell you yet.


Well, here it is.

Remember iKiss? Well, Freddie got REALLY mad at Sam and the episode ended with a Seddie moment.

Can you remember all the way back to iWill Date Freddie? In a scene, Freddie gets pretty mad at Sam, but they ended up hugging.

iReunite With Missy? Remember the last 10 minutes?

Are you sensing a pattern here?

Well, if you check out the episode iDo it says that, and I quote, "Freddie gets very mad at Sam in a scene." Do you get it now? Do ya? Oh, you don't?

Here's a picture to help you out. Seddie explaination

Hope you got it now!

Does anybody care to second the motion?

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