By now you should've heard the rumor that Sam and Freddie slow dance in the new iCarly episode iDo.

Well, I've come up with a few ways that could happen. Let me make you a little diagram that picks apart the episode summery.


PS Freddie gets really mad at Sam in a scene

1. What if that was Sam's fault? She's been know to accidentally cause bad things to happen. So Freddie gets mad at her, of course. Then Spencer and Jodi don't get married and Freddie feels guilty, so he goes to find Sam. They can't find each other and eventually meet on the dance floor. Freddie tries to apologize but it's too loud. Sam screams at the DJ to put on something softer and the DJ puts on a slow dance song. Freddie says sorry, they dance, happy happy seddie seddie.

2. Freddie gets mad at Sam. Time passes and Freddie ends up dancing with Carly. Sam sees them again and runs out, having deja vou. Freddie sees her and runs after her. He finds her and asks her what's wrong and she tells him that she knows about their Groovy Smoothie dance. This is really likely since Dan is know for bringing parts of past episodes back (e.x iKiss/iThink They Kissed, Nevel, ect) Either way, she'd have to bring it up eventually. Freddie's like 'omg you saw that?' and he comforts her and a slow dance turns on in the other room so they slow dance.

Have any more theories? If they're good, I'll expand them and put them up, crediting you, of course.

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