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Ok I just finished watching iSell Penny Tees when I was hit with a brilliant Seddie idea. No, literally I was hit.

Seddie seems to be happening a bit more on iCarly . com than in regular iCarly, right? "Together we CAN keep Sam out of juvie." Well, iCarly fans can SUPPOSEDLY only see whats on the website, right? Well, if there's a lot of Seddie on the website, there would be more Seddie fans, right?

Now what do we know about iStart a Fanwar?

  1. Nathan says that it'll be like the Seddiers and Cru- I mean Creddiers are actually IN the episode.
  2. Someone (a Seddier?) throws a chair at Carly ( I hate Carly, jsyk)

Anybody else get it yet? Could more iCarly (dot com) veiwers become Seddie fans and bring Sam/Freddie together?

ok, its like a vaccination. If more fans are subdued to Seddie they will get used to it. They they'll ship it!!!

Fangirl Speculation Time *trumpet*: Somebody (Lewburt? Other Bushwell Plaza person?) caught the Seddie kiss. EVIDENCE!!!



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