What happens after iOMG?!

Creddies hope that Freddie doesn't love Sam that way, and rediscovers his love for Carly. No way I'm gonna watch the show after that. (No offense Creddies.) People who don't ship anything think that Freddie and Sam try to date, but it really doesn't work for them, so they have to go back to being just friends. LAME-OS! So, let's face it. The only way Dan isn't going to die of a giant riot of major Seddie fans, is if he makes Sam and Freddie together.

So, the only problem with that is that the people love conflict. That's why iCarly has been so popular, and won the Kids Choice Awards so many times. Sam and Freddie are the best conflict in the show, and the fact that Sam and him kissed for the first time made their relationship so much better. So why, the heck, being Dan, thinking about long time ratings, would you make the number one conflict go away?

Now I love Seddie as much as any of you. Probably even MORE then you. So I want Seddie to be together more then you guys. But, facing the facts, Seddie won't last forever. I really hope Dan keeps them together, because I have a solution to that.

What if Carly loved Freddie?

That way, you have this conflict, the pain of what Carly can never have, all while keeping us Seddies happy. Win win, Dan.

iOMG was one of the biggest trends on Google, and congrats, we beat iSYL. WHOO! But, while you guys watched with joy and happieness, I watched with pain and agony. You see, I had just broken up with my first boyfriend, and to be clear, he broke up with me. At the time, Seddie wasn't what I wanted to see. And Freddie's big line before their kiss felt like knives in my side. It's okay now, but just so you know, iOMG was not my fav episode. At the time. I LOVE it now.

Well, gotta go. Loves to you Seddiers. You too Creddies.


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