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  • SeddieLynxxx

    iCarly Dreams :D

    August 11, 2011 by SeddieLynxxx

    I know blogs like this have been made before, but hey!

    If you've recently (or ever, if you can remember) had an iCarly-related dream, however bizarre, share it here! FOR THE LULZ XD

    Here's the one I had last night...

    I made a facebook status that said this "Dyed my hair platinum blonde! Posted pics! What d'you think?" (I didn't ACTUALLY dye my hair platinum blonde XD just in the dream) and my friends commented stuff like "Ooh nice!" etc. and then FREDDIE BENSON commented "You should change it back soon. I like it a lot but i liked it before better" and everyone else replied like "I agree with Freddie" as if him commenting on my status was completely normal XD

    I guess I dreamt this because of a combination of iCarly obsession and obsession with…

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  • SeddieLynxxx

    Grab 5 things game

    August 8, 2011 by SeddieLynxxx

    Okay, so this is a game that was on Facebook a while ago, which no one's played for ages so I've decided to bring it to the wiki!

    What you've got to do is grab the 5 most interesting things you can reach without getting up from wherever you're sitting/standing. Then post them in a list. Sounds boring, I know, but try and make it as specific as possible, and it's fun to see what weird things other people might have next to them. You can give a little background info if you want, too. XD Here's mineeee:

    1) A black stanley knife which I use to saw into things when I feel the need to. Don't ask.

    2) My temporary phone- an ancient silver slidey samsung (ALLITERATION FTW!!! XD) that I'm using until I get a replacement for my HTC that got stolen :(


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  • SeddieLynxxx

    Jrev's got a blog up about the music you dislike. It's a good blog. It's nice to see that most people on the wiki have sense when it comes to music (imo) XD

    But this blog isn't concentrating soley on music- by entertainment I mean genres of TV, books, film, musical, music, etc...

    Mine would be:

    TV: Comedy, drama

    Books: Horror, fantasy, real-life problems, adventure

    Film: Horror, comedy

    Music: Indie, rock, alternative rock, metal, art rock, math rock, basically any rock but 'classic' rock like AC/DC XD



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  • SeddieLynxxx

    Right, so I was on chat a few days ago and EVERYONE was talking about Pottermore, so today I checked it out...

    ....half an hour and 20 pottermore-related forums later, I am obsessed and still haven't a clue what time pottermore opens tomorrow. I am desperate. If I do not get an account, I will die (okay, slight exaggeration there...)

    Does ANYONE have ANY idea what time registration starts tomorrow? (BST times preferably but if anyone has EST or GMT or whatever I guess I can use a convertor) Or if you get on tomorrow and the clue is up, could you tell me on the blog ASAP so I know?

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am determined (and sad) enough to make a blog post about this.

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  • SeddieLynxxx

    In my pants game!

    August 4, 2011 by SeddieLynxxx

    I have no idea if this has been done before, but if it has, then I apologise XD What you've got to do, it put your iPod/iTunes/MP3 player/whatever on shuffle and do this:

    Sometime around midnight//in my pants

    Love of an orchestra//in my pants

    Crawling//in my pants

    I bet you look good on the dancefloor//in my pants

    I saw the dead//in my pants (XD)

    Yup. The song title comes before in my pants, sometimes it's funny, sometime's it isn't, you AREN'T allowed to skip songs, you HAVE to do the one that comes up. It;s fun and we'll get to see what music everyone likes.

    Do this 5 times in a comment, GO!

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