Okay, so this is a game that was on Facebook a while ago, which no one's played for ages so I've decided to bring it to the wiki!

What you've got to do is grab the 5 most interesting things you can reach without getting up from wherever you're sitting/standing. Then post them in a list. Sounds boring, I know, but try and make it as specific as possible, and it's fun to see what weird things other people might have next to them. You can give a little background info if you want, too. XD Here's mineeee:

1) A black stanley knife which I use to saw into things when I feel the need to. Don't ask.

2) My temporary phone- an ancient silver slidey samsung (ALLITERATION FTW!!! XD) that I'm using until I get a replacement for my HTC that got stolen :(

3) Earphones. Can't live without 'em.

4) A bottle of Calvin Klein "IN 2 U her" perfume. Smells good.

5) An amazing pen that's shaped like a chili pepper from this cool French shop called Pylones.

Have fun XD

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