This will be a bit of a.. eh... random blog post but I just had a thought. If Sam were to sing on iCarly (we know she's gonna sing on iPWV) she'd sound like Jennette (Obviously)

Thing is, in my opinion, Sam wouldn't sound a THING like Jennette Mccurdy. I think she'd sound more like Hayley Williams or Avril Lavigne. I can totally imagine Sam singing Crush Crush Crush or Ignorance. Probably most people disagree with me, but that was my random thought.

Carly would sing like Miranda. Voice = PERFECT for Carly. Freddie, I dunno who he would sound like. Himself XD but whatever. Tell me what you think.

Oh, and, what genre of music do you guys reckon Cuttlefish are? On the wiki it says rock (which I agree with) but I seriously can't imagine Carly going to a rock concert, or listening to rock music. So, what do you guys think?

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