Okay, so this is probably the WEIRDEST blog post, but as you may know if you know ME, I love cats. And iCarly (Obviously)

So. If the iCarly cast were cats, what would they look like and what would their feline-names be? Sorry bout that, but I want to know you're opinions. XD

I think Carly would be a really dark brown cat called Petal (or something flower-related). She's so dark rbown she looks black and she has yellow eyes.

Sam would be a golden-brown tabby called Pilchard who is constantly eating and getting into fights with other cats. She'd have long fur and green eyes.

Freddie would be a dark brown tabby called Gizmo (after his techy habits) who is INCREDIBLY smart for a cat and likes lyring on laptops and other warm pieces of technology. He would have green eyes.

Spencer would be a brown tabby called Arti (After his arty-habits) with really crazy scruffy fur and amber eyes. He'd be a bit of a hyper cat who is constantly outside and always has a startled expression on his face XD

Gibby would be a chubby, thick-furred black and white cat called Roly. He'd be very lazy and everyone loves to stroke him and he'd constantly be hanging around the other cats being naive and (cutely) annoying.

This question was sparked in my mind when my FAT ginger cat Toby plonked onto my lap and started being adorable. So blame him for this.... atrocity XD So anyways, what do YOU guys think?

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