I know blogs like this have been made before, but hey!

If you've recently (or ever, if you can remember) had an iCarly-related dream, however bizarre, share it here! FOR THE LULZ XD

Here's the one I had last night...

I made a facebook status that said this "Dyed my hair platinum blonde! Posted pics! What d'you think?" (I didn't ACTUALLY dye my hair platinum blonde XD just in the dream) and my friends commented stuff like "Ooh nice!" etc. and then FREDDIE BENSON commented "You should change it back soon. I like it a lot but i liked it before better" and everyone else replied like "I agree with Freddie" as if him commenting on my status was completely normal XD

I guess I dreamt this because of a combination of iCarly obsession and obsession with Ellie Goulding who has platinum blonde hair XD Dunno why I dreamt about facebook though because I haven't been on it in ages...

...whatever. Share!

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