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    It's been a long time since I made a blog! Anyways, here's how I think iCarly should end. This is only a snippet of the whole fanfic, this is the ending of everything. But, I'll show you how the thing went...

    Carly, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby graduate from High School. Carly and Spencer's father comes over and tells them that Carly and Spencer will move with him to Paris. The gang tries to stop the Shay's dad, but he wasn't convinced. Desperate to get the Shays back, Sam, Freddie, and Gibby, along with Mrs. Benson, T-Bo, Gibby's Mom and Guppy go to Paris to visit them. Carly and Spencer meet up with them, they walk around, and think of a plan to be together in Paris. They can't move to Paris since it'll be very costly. Carly needs to decide then…

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    Guys!!! iCarly is ending!:( Dan has gave us one single hint. He's asking us help on what's our favorite quotes from any episode. So he gave us a hint. He's probably gonna re-create and re-invent quotes fans said and put it in his working script. And so, now he's probably making the finale script!


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    I haven't been active on blogs so I decided to finally do my fanfic blog!:D So this is my new fanfic and it's called iSurf For You. It's another Seddie fanfic and it'll show another fanfic of how I think Seddie should get back together or something like that. This is just Part 1 so enjoy!:)

    Shay Apartment

    Sam: Carly!

    Carly: Yeah what’s up?

    Sam: Do you have bacon?

    Carly: Umm...yeah.

    Sam: Can you make me o...

    Carly: No!

    Sam: Why?

    Carly: Because! We need to talk.

    Sam: About what?

    Carly: Ya know...Freddie...

    Sam: What about Freddork?

    Carly: Don’t you like him again?

    Sam: Psh! Why do you think that?

    Carly: Cuz! Last year you guys broke up and you kept referencing about you guys dating when you guys had a job at the Pear Store when he was getting mad!

    Sam: And …

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    Guys who has tumblr and/or twitter??? Got tumblr and/or twitter??? Just comment both of your accounts if not one of them if you don't have the other social network account. I'll followback immediately after I see your comment!

    Mine pls follow:

    1. Twitter- @imaGELOtion
    2. Tumblr- @1Donnamonster
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    Hey guys! So this was first in the victorious wiki, but I'm not really sure if it also happened here. So i wanna share it here and we can do the new game! So you just say a quote, then a person will guess the quote, then after that you say yes or no if it's correct or not! BUT, here's the additional thing I added: After, you say what episode (where) that quote was made!!!

    Example (used some real usernames):

    • Seddiemonster: "Oh's alright, they didn't get the bacon."
    • Lotstar: Carly, iGo One Direction?
    • Seddiemonster: Nope!
    • SeddieIceCream: Spencer, iTake on Dingo?
    • Seddiemonster: Nope!
    • Mak23686: Sam, iOpen a Restaurant?
    • Seddiemonster: Yep!

    There ya go! So the person who said that quote first, then the episode title!

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