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Hey everyone! So this is Episode 2 of the Seddie Arc! This one is called iBattle in Bowling and starts off in the day right after where iAm Ready ended. So this one has less innuendos and those stuff but still I'm warning you...and, please do not be offended if you get offended by what I will be writing here that might offend your ship. I don't want to start a ship war. I just wanna share my fanfic...

Plot: The gang, with T-Bo, goes to the Seattle Bowling Center. In teams, they battle to who will win the bowling game. Sam and Freddie quit, and they go to a date in the bowling center. But, the iCarly fangirls get Freddie. So, the iCarly gang try to get Freddie back.

The episode starts at the 8=C and 8=D hallway...

Carly: So why did Miss Briggs get fired?

Sam and Freddie kissing

Carly: Guys!

Sam and Freddie: What?

Carly: Why did Ms. Briggs get fired? Forever?

Sam: Cuz she reached over her 3 warnings limit from Principal Franklin

Freddie: And now she’s fired!

Carly: What’d she do?

Sam: You know that smart gurl Stefani?

Carly: Yeah

Sam: Well Miss Briggs gave her detention

Carly: Why?

Freddie: Cuz she hates her because she has high grades

Sam: And now Principal Franklin had enough of Miss Briggs!

Carly: Yes! But I’m so sorry for Jenny...

Sam: Yeah...

  • Trio goes inside the apartment*

Now at the Shay Apartment, Sam and Freddie are shown kissing...

Sam and Freddie continue to kiss

Carly: Hey Spencer!

Spencer: Hey Carls and the renewed couple!

show Seddie kissing

Spencer: HEY! HEY! HEY!!!

Seddie stops

Sam and Freddie: What?!

Spencer: Hey renewed couple!

Sam: Boomba!

Freddie: Eyo!

Carly: Aren’t you guys not supposed to be lovey-dovey to each other?!

Sam: Well yeah...

Freddie: But I love kissing her!

Sam: ....Yea it’s fun to kiss!

Carly: B-b-b...

Sam: I know you want a boyfriend...

Carly: Ehh....let’s just change the topic!!!

Sam: Miss Briggs got fiiiirrrrreeeeddd!!!!

Spencer: Wohoo! Why?

Carly: Miss Briggs went over her limits by giving detention to someone who doesn’t deserve it

Spencer: Ahh...

Freddie: Hey when are we going bowling?

Carly: Oh right this weekend Saturday

Sam: What bowling?

Freddie: Oh well you, me, Carly, Spencer, Gibby, and T-Bo are going bowling!

Sam: Nice plan we got for the weekend

Freddie: Yep. And don’t forget, we’re having a date there.

Sam: Great!

Carly: Wwwwwait where do you guys wanna bowl?

Freddie: NeonBowl!

Carly: Great! I’ll call right now.

Sam: Sureeeee.

Spencer: Hey Freddie

Freddie: Yeah what’s up

Spencer: Does your mom know that you and Sam are dating again?

Freddie: Yep. She freaked out. But then she got used to it becuz before she never made us break up

Spencer: Greeeaaat.

Carly: Hey guys bad news

Freddie: que?

Sam: Huh?

Freddie: It means what

Sam: Ahh....que?

Carly: Neon Center’s closed!

Freddie: por que?

Sam: WHY?!

Carly: It got burned down a few days ago

Spencer: How?

Carly: They said it’s because of one neon light being opened...then it started to overheat and it bursted into flames...

Sam: Then where are we going to bowl now?

Carly: The only location left is...the Seattle Bowling Center.

Freddie: Eh that’d be good enough.

Gibby enters: Gibbeh! Hey guys when are we going bowling again?

Carly: This weekend Saturday night

Gibby: Okay. Cool...bye.

Gibby leaves

Sam: When would he ever be normal

Freddie: Never...

So that's part 1!:) Girlwykked asked me a question on how Freddie hired Jane...that'll be answered in Part 3! Part 2 will all be about them battling in bowling...with Seddie battling in it too!:) So please comment!:)) That's all for now!:) Part 2 will have Seddie moments in them and they're happy moments, Sparly moments, and Gibby-T Bo (I have no idea what T-Bo and Gibby are so yeah) moments in them!!! Then, Part 3 will have Cibby, Seddie, and more!:)

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