Hey guys! So this was first in the victorious wiki, but I'm not really sure if it also happened here. So i wanna share it here and we can do the new game! So you just say a quote, then a person will guess the quote, then after that you say yes or no if it's correct or not! BUT, here's the additional thing I added: After, you say what episode (where) that quote was made!!!

Example (used some real usernames):

  • Seddiemonster: "Oh's alright, they didn't get the bacon."
  • Lotstar: Carly, iGo One Direction?
  • Seddiemonster: Nope!
  • SeddieIceCream: Spencer, iTake on Dingo?
  • Seddiemonster: Nope!
  • Mak23686: Sam, iOpen a Restaurant?
  • Seddiemonster: Yep!

There ya go! So the person who said that quote first, then the episode title!

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