Hi everyone! It's me GELO!:) Just a brand new account to start things up:) So I would just do a short script on how I think Seddie should get back together:) So in my idea...

For me, the episode should be called: iSell Back

I think this should be like 2 months after iToe Fat Cakes:)

The iCarly gang sets up a merchandise shop where they work. But, Sam doesn't wanna work in it. So,before opening, Carly and Freddie convinces Sam. So...throughout the eppy you would see them work along and get hard times with the fans. Meanwhile, Spencer and Gibby do a marathon of bloopers from their favorite show. But, throughout the episode, Sam is getting awkward moments because she realizes she really still likes Freddie and they're together in one small place with Carly. In the final scene, Carly leaves and closes the shop, leaving Freddie organize and Sam stay.

Sam: Uhh...why are you still here?

Freddie: I'm the organizer here.

Sam: Riiight.

Freddie: So, why are you still here?

Sam: My mom went...uhhh..."shopping"

Freddie: What do you mean?

Sam: Getting stuff in a mall

Freddie: I see.

Sam: Yep.

Freddie: So uh, I was thinking, why are you this day?

Sam: Nothing.

Freddie: Really?

Sam: Yeah.

Freddie: Well...uhh...I guess I should be goin now.

Sam: Bye...

Freddie: Bye!

(pauses and Sam replies)

Sam: Wait

Freddie: What's the prob

Sam: Here...

Freddie: Umm what's this?

Sam: 20 box

Freddie: From where?

Sam: Your wallet

Freddie: When?

Sam: Umm...when we..."coupled up"

Freddie: Right. Oh...umm...about that. What are you feeling now?

Sam: Nothin

Freddie: Okay. Well...i'm going now. Night Sam

Sam: Fine I'll tell u now.

Freddie: Tell me what?

Sam: What I think now

Freddie: Look...

Sam: Don't. Touch. Me.

Freddie: Alright.

Sam: So remember when you got the idea of going to the Fat Cakes Factory? and...umm...the 3DiCarly?

Freddie: Yeah

Sam: Well...I kinda started umm...backing again from those..."weeks" when that happened.

Freddie: What weeks?

Sam: Ya know, the Counselor week, NERD Camp, Modeling Train...

Freddie: I get it

Sam: So...what about you?

Freddie: Oh, well. Since you asked...remember when we got trapped by Nora after her release?

Sam: In prison?

Freddie: Yeah well uhh...when umm before I got "tampered" by her, I started noticing you didn't do anything. So, I was umm...trying to make you jealous when I said uhh...

Sam: Carly cares about me?

Freddie: Yeah that one.

Sam: So, you started liking me a-gain?

Freddie: Sure did.

Sam: Oh. Umm...I just want things to be natural now:)

Freddie: So are you ready?

Sam: Like when?

Freddie: Now?

Sam: (shocked) Ohh...uhh...

Freddie: Umm because I am.

Sam: Well, me too

Freddie: Great.

Sam: Good.

Freddie: So, since we're back. Umm...let's start all new and let's not push it through.

Sam: Agreed, Let's be like a background.

Freddie: Yeah.

Sam: Welcome back!

Freddie: You too!

Sam: Wanna go?

Freddie: Sure. I'll tell my mom but I'll make sure she won't get crazy

Sam: I'll tell Carls.

Freddie: Let's go taxi

Sam: Okay!

Freddie: But first...

Sam: What ya doin? Ohh...

(Freddie kisses Sam for 4 seconds)

Sam: I love you.

Freddie: Love ya too

(Sam kisses Freddie for 4 seconds)

Sam: Let's go to the taxi

Freddie: Sure

What do you guys think? Hope it's not bad:)

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Hope we get along!:)

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