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A new seddie fanfic!!! Now please if you're against this ship, please do not get offended/start a fight. NO SHIP WARRING PLEASE! It has some "innuendos" or maybe not really obvious innuendos but yeah for me they are sort of innuendos...If it's a bit OOC, sorry but it's a seddie-ish fanfic...enjoy and comment!

Summary: A year after they broke up, Sam tries to tell Freddie she's ready to be back with him, but nervous, and vice-versa.

Sam knocking hard on the door: Carly I need you!!!

Carly goes and opens quickly: Sam what....uhh what are you holding?

Sam: Freddie's shirt

Carly: What why?!

Sam: Uhh...I know....(does weird actions)....

Carly: What is it?

Sam: I just can't! It's hard...

Carly: What? Why?

Sam: It's too difficult!

Carly: But you're my best friend.

Sam: Fine.

Sam and Carly go to the couch

Carly: What is it?

Sam: Remember that Freddie and I know...coupled up back then

Carly: Uhh yeah and then you guys broke up

Sam: Yeah. It's been a year and I realized that I am ready. I want to be back together.

Carly: Cool! But why'd you take off his shirt?

Sam: Uhh...I think he's....

Carly: He's....

Sam: Hot *blushes* Argh he looked so cute and hot when he was shirtless!

Carly: Uhh okay not much information

Sam: Argh I'm just to nervous! And I just wanna go and get him...

Carly: I get it! Now why are you so nervous!

Sam: Maybe he'll reject me and I'd be alone and just depressed forever!

Carly: Well...that won't happen! Come on let's go to my room and talk about it more

Sam: Okay.

Spencer surprises Sam and Carly: GUYS!

Sam and Carly: Ahh!!!

Carly: What Spencer?

Spencer: You took off Freddie's shirt!

Sam: So...

Spencer: So what does that mean?!

Carly: Nothing Spencer!!!

Sam: Uhh yeah I just wanna get on him so know (does punch actions)


Spencer: Wait!

Carly: What!

Spencer: I wanna go to the Groovy Smoothies!

Carly: Well we're not so bye...

Spencer: Okay!

So it ends very weird. I purposely did that to Spencer to make his character weirder:) Like it? Wonder what happens when Freddie finds out that Sam did that cuz of that...tune in to part 2 soon!

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