I haven't been active on blogs so I decided to finally do my fanfic blog!:D So this is my new fanfic and it's called iSurf For You. It's another Seddie fanfic and it'll show another fanfic of how I think Seddie should get back together or something like that. This is just Part 1 so enjoy!:)

Shay Apartment

Sam: Carly!

Carly: Yeah what’s up?

Sam: Do you have bacon?

Carly: Umm...yeah.

Sam: Can you make me o...

Carly: No!

Sam: Why?

Carly: Because! We need to talk.

Sam: About what?

Carly: Ya know...Freddie...

Sam: What about Freddork?

Carly: Don’t you like him again?

Sam: Psh! Why do you think that?

Carly: Cuz! Last year you guys broke up and you kept referencing about you guys dating when you guys had a job at the Pear Store when he was getting mad!

Sam: And what does that mean with me liking Freddie? And how do you know?

Carly: Well Freddie told me and maybe you’re missing him and you date and you like him again???...

Sam: Psh. No! No no no no no!

Carly: Really?

Sam: No.

Carly: So you like him again?

Sam: Yeah...

Carly: Since when?

Sam: Well ever since Freddork started liking you again...

Carly: ME?!

Sam: Yeah you never knew?

Carly: Wait ever since when?!

Sam: Ever since Gibby opened the resto and it’s the thing all over school that time!

Carly: No wonder people kept calling me Freddie!

Sam: Anyways...yeah I got “jealous” and I started liking him again...

Carly: Ohh...then what are you planning to do about it?

Sam: Well, you know Freddie’s taking surfing lessons right?

Carly: Yup.

Sam: I’m planning the surfing thing so that I could talk to him more and connect with him again.

Carly: Nice plan! But wait...

Sam: Yeah?

Carly: Isn’t that an only boys surfing lesson thingy?

Sam: Nope!

Carly: But Freddie said so!

Sam: Well I checked the web he was lying.

Carly: Why?

Sam: I don’t know with him! Maybe he doesn’t want us to join...

Carly: Why?..again?

Sam: Maybe he wants “alone time”

Carly: Uhuh...

-Spencer runs in and closes the door-

Sam: made fire?

Spencer: Yuh.

Carly: Where?

Spencer: The fire department.

Carly: Again?!

Sam: Why’d you go there again?

Spencer: I tried to make them forgive us again so that they can go back here again and clean our fires away!

Sam: But then you started a fire.

Spencer: Yuhuh.

Sam: Again.

Spencer: Yesuree.

Carly: And they just finished renovating after you started the fire before that!

Spencer: Yes.

Carly: Spencer! Quit making fires!

Spencer: But it’s an illness!!!

Sam: Then stop the illness!

Spencer: But it’s in my life!!!

Carly: Oh whatever. Let it will be...

Sam: So I’m going now...

Carly: Where?

Sam: Seattle Sun Beach!

Carly: Good luck!

Sam: Thanks Carlyo!

Carly: Carlyo?.......Sam!

Sam: Yeah?

Carly: Can I come with?

Sam: Sure why?

Carly: Spencer might start a fire here. Again.

Sam: K. Come on Carls!

Carly: Yay! Bye Spenc!

-Both of them leave-


Seattle Sun Beach

Jim: What’s your name again?


Carly: Sam!

Sam: What?

Carly: Don’t be rough on him! He’s just a guy wantting your name!

Sam: But he’s been asking me that for 10 minutes already! Imagine this...Hey what’s your name?

Jim: Jim.

Sam: What’s your name again?

Jim: Jim.

Sam: What’s your name again??

Jim: Jim!

Sam: What’s your name again?!


Sam: See what I mean? So JIM, don’t you ever do that.

Carly: Okay Jim can Sam join surfing now?

Jim: Sure but you need to join too.

Carly: Wait what?! Why?!

Jim: Since Ms. Puckett is a beginner and everyone else here is an intermediate if not an expert, then you need to join because we don’t accept one-person-only people to join. We need 2 or more.

Carly: But that’s stupid!

Jim: I know! But i didn’t make that. Our boss did...

Carly: Ohh....well......I’ll join then!

Sam: Yay Carls you’re joining me!...

Carly: Heyheyhey Freddie’s there!...with a cute guy!

-Freddie goes to Sam and Carly-

Freddie: Hey Carly!.....and Sam.

Sam: Hey dork.

Freddie: So why are you guys here?

Carly: We’re joining the surfing lessons program thingy!

Freddie: Uhh why?

Sam: Cuz...we uhh...we wanna...try to do something for life.

Freddie: But all you wanna do is eat, sleep, sing, and beat up people!

Sam: True...but uhm...I’m trying!

Freddie: O-kay.

Carly: Hey who are you with?

Freddie: Oh guys this is Roy. Roy, these are my friends, Carly and Sam.

Sam: Sup!

Carly: Hi cuteness!

Roy: What did you say?

Carly: I said...Hi....Royeverest!

Roy: O-kay...

Freddie: But this is a no-girl surfing program!

Sam: Well you’re lying!

Freddie: No!

Sam: I read the web..

Freddie: Ohh...

Roy: So are we gonna start surfing lessons or what?

Freddie: Let’s go!

Sam: Bye dorks...well, dork and Roy.

Carly: Bye guys!

Sam: Come on we need to dress up!

Carly: Okay. Don’t you think Roy’s super cute?!

Sam: I’m here for Freddie.

Carly: Whatever.

That's all for Part 1! Part 2 up with Spencer, Gibby, and other stuff on what's happening with Sam's adventure on her surf program to get Freddie back! But of course, with some Carly help!

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