ASDFGHJKL iAm Ready Part 3 is finally here! Now this one is different from the others. How? This one is for teenagers more. So please, I'm warning you, if you're not ready for innuendos or stuff, do not read. But then, if you're super interested and yeah, feel free to read and comment! Please no ship warring!!!

Part 2 left with the Pini's Restaurant scene. Now, for part 3, we start off in Freddie's Room...

Freddie's Room

Freddie: Bye Jane

Jane: Eugh

Freddie: Be nicer next time!

Jane: Okay wait...the truth is...I never had a boyfriend and I like you.

Freddie: But I could never be your real boyfriend!

Jane: Oh you will...until you would know I’m goooood at things...

Freddie: Like what wait no!!!

Jane kisses and leans on Freddie

Freddie: Jane no!

Freddie falls to the bed, Jane above him; Sam enters the room

Sam: Freddie I have something to tell you...

Freddie and Jane stop kissing

Freddie: It’s not what you think!

Jane: Oh shush!

Jane continues to kiss Freddie

Sam: What’s this supposed to mean Benson?!

Freddie: Oh right uhh...Jane’s my....girl...friend now

Sam: Oh you think I don’t know Benson? I just saw you guys kissing there privately!

Freddie: Are you jealous?!

Sam: YES! There I admitted it

Jane: Ha! Ex-couples jealous!

Sam: Wait what?!

Freddie: Nothing. Shush Jane!

Sam: Oh so you want me back?!

Freddie: No why would I want a psycho back!

Sam: And I thought you really meant I Love You before

Sam slams the door

Freddie whispers to himself: But I do mean that

Jane: So you wanna make out more?

Freddie: No. Get out!

Jane: Whatever! It was fuuuun

Freddie: Get out!!!


The next day at the 8=C and 8=D Hallway...

Carly knocking on Freddie’s apartment: Freddie! Mrs. Benson!

Freddie opens: What oh hi Carly

Carly: Sam told me something

Freddie: Oh no here we go

Carly: You were kissing Jane in a bed?!!??!

Freddie: Look. I didn’t do the action!

Carly: So you’re saying Jane’s the one?

Freddie: Yeah!

Carly: Ohh...but do you even like Jane?

Freddie: No! I hate her so much! I just want Sam and I to be a couple again...

Carly: But you’re too nervous?

Freddie: Yeperooni.

Carly: See! I knew it!

Freddie: Knew what?

Carly: That you and Sam do want to get back together!

Freddie: Wait so both of us are nervous for something we both want?!

Carly: Yep.

Freddie: Well I must tell her the truth

Carly: Yeah! That you don’t like Jane!

Freddie: Yeah! I’ll go to Sam

Carly: Uhh okay!


Meanwhile, at the Gibson's house...

Spencer knocks on the door Charlotte: Gibby can you get the door?

Gibby: Why can’t Guppy do it!!!

Charlotte: Gibby!

Gibby: Fine.

Gibby opens the door: Oh hey Spencer!

Charlotte: Spencer!

Spencer: That’s my name!

Charlotte: What are you doing here?!

Spencer: Here’s flowers

Charlotte: Oooooh they’re nice...why are you here!

Spencer: Oh you know...go with Gibby!

Charlotte: And why do you have flowers?

Spencer: Oh. Well you see I was just gonna give it to you then maybe we could hang out and

Gibby’s mom closes the door


Charlotte: NO!

Guppy: Mommy!

Charlotte: Yes Guppy

Guppy: Why are you so mean to Spencer?

Charlotte: Ohh...uhh...he’s....

Charlotte runs

Gibby: You wanna go to Spencer with me?

Guppy: Okay


Interesting right? Now, that's all for part 3. So that's what Jane really is...a fake. She likes Freddie...but now, what's gonna happen next? For part 4, the FINAL PART, tune in for:

  1. Freddie and Sam's Talk
  2. What happens after?
  3. Will everything change?
  4. What will Carly feel?

All of those will be answered in the final two scenes of iAm Ready!

**This is JUST part 1/episode 1 of my long Seddie Arc which takes place a year after iLove You.So, if you're wondering what'd be unanswered from this fanfic, tell me your questions and I may put them in my upcoming fanfics:)**

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