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iAm Ready Part 2 - the Seddie Fanfic!

Hi! So it was just part 1. if you LOVED iAm Ready Part 1, I hope you would love this too! So this is a continuation of what's happening in part 1...again no ship warring, they're a bit OOC and stuff:D

Groovy Smoothies

Spencer: Hey Gibbeh!

Gibby: Gibbeh!

Spencer: What smoothie do you want?

Gibby: Blueberry Bang!

Spencer: Sure.

Gibby's mom comes in

Charlotte: Hey Gibby can I have my money back I need to...Spencer

Spencer: Charlotte

Charlotte: What are you doing here?

Spencer: Uhh I'm here to buy my smoothie...and Gibby's too.

Charlotte: Okay. Goodbye.

Spencer: Bye!

Charlotte: Gibby my money...

Gibby: Oh I spent it

Charlotte: Orenthal Gibson! With what?!

Gibby: For my new Gibby head!

Charlotte: Oh Gibby...

Gibby's mom leaves

Spencer: Hey Gibby can I hang out with your mom again?

Gibby: No

Spencer: Why not?!

Gibby: She's scared of you

Spencer: Ohh...

Pini's Restaurant

Carly: Now. We are here because...

Sam: We are here because we're gonna eat...

Carly: Sure. Whatelse?

Sam: Uhh that's all

Carly face palms: Ohhppppp! Now pretend I'm Freddie.

Sam: How'd that happen?!

Carly: Just pretend! Now I'd be calling Freddie after this so that you guys and date...

Sam: Yeah if he'd ever date me again

Carly: He will! You're just too nervous

Sam: No! I'm ready (in a nervous tone)

Carly: No you're nooot

Freddie in a different part of the resto

Freddie: Can I have a table for two?

Worker: Sure thing

Transitions to Carly and Sam

Sam: Hey who's Freddie with?

Carly: Uhh I don't know!

Transitions to Freddie and Jane

Freddie: So Jane what do you wanna have?

Jane: I would LOVE to have lasagna!

Freddie: Sure thing.

Worker: Would you like to order now?

Freddie: Great! We'd have 2 lasagnas

Worker: Anything else?

Freddie: That's all

Worker: Greeeat

Freddie: So Jane do you think Sam's jealous

Jane: Maybe...I hope she is. You're ugly

Freddie: No i'm "not"

Jane: Sure...

Freddie: I just want Sam back!

Jane: And I want to be with my boyfriend...

Freddie: O-kay. I'm just too nervous!

Transitions to Sam and Carly

Carly: You jealous?

Sam: Psh. No! Why would I be jealous with my ex-boyfriend and someone who I don't even know okay I'm jealous

Carly: Look. I bet Freddie wants you back too!

Sam: If he would want me then why is he with a chick!

Carly: Well...

Sam: Oh forget it. I'd just be jealous forever.

Carly: No! Now you go to Freddie and talk things out!

Sam: Wait no Carly no!

Carly pushes Sam: Sam you just go!

Freddie: Well Sam what are you doing here

Sam: Nothing. Just.....uhh....hey what's your name?

Jane: I'm Jane. Freddie's guy-friend

Freddie acting weird: Uhh yeah! Jane's my....lady...friend....thing....

Sam: Uhuh....So you guys like each other...

Jane: Yeah! A "lot"

Freddie: "veeery"

Sam: Okay. I'd go now and get out of here...

Freddie: Sure...

Sam leaves: I'm so mad at that chick...and my ex-boyfriend

Carly: I'm gonna talk to Freddie soon...

Sam: Sure....if you could "read and change" his mind

Carly: Umm okay...

So that's part 2!:) You guys like it? Spread and comment everyone!:) Part 3 is coming soon;)

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