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ADGJLSFHK iAm Ready Part 4 - The Final Chapter!!! Okay so this is all about Freddie and Sam's talk and what will Carly's reaction be. This is a HUGE chapter. Please comment!!!

Freddie knocks and goes inside Sam's Room...

Freddie: Can I come in?

Sam: Why cuz your gonna kiss with Jane and rub it on me again?!

Freddie: No! I’m here cuz I’m ready

Sam: Huh?

Freddie and Sam sit down

Freddie: Look. I know I was acting like a jerk to you

Sam: Yeah a lot

Freddie: And Jane was just fake. I never really liked her

Sam: But you kissed her. Good. And good like how you kiss me.

Freddie: Uhh how do you know?

Sam: Mama knows her kisses from boyfriends.

Freddie: Sure. So you’re saying I’m great at kissing you?

Sam: As awkward this conversation gets yes, you’re good.

Freddie: uhh back to our convo...look I..I didn’t wanna kiss Jane. I didn’t even wanna you know....”have fun” with her. She just went to me and boom! I know I kissed back but it’s not my fault. Jane kissed me. I didn’t wanna. I hate her!

Sam: And...

Freddie: I’m sorry okay. And...*gulps* I’m ready.

Sam: *gulps* Ready for what?!

Freddie in a nervous tone: I wanna go out with you again.

Sam: *gasps* Well, I was also nervous. Ever since you and Jane were somewhat “going out” I thought I never had a chance. Daddy’s got good acting skills.

Freddie smiles below: So are we officially dating?

Sam: In one condition

Freddie: What?

Sam: Let’s not be too lovey-dovey and not too much fights.

Freddie: Sure.

Sam: So....

Freddie: Whatcha want?

Sam: Give Mama some sugar...

Freddie: Aww Okay

Sam and Freddie kiss for 8 seconds

Freddie: You’re a gooood kisser

Sam: You too

Freddie: Can we go there?

Sam: Ohh...uhh...okay.

They go to the bed

Sam: So why are we here? Ohh...ohh okay

Freddie kisses Sam and then they both kiss each other for 8 seconds again

Sam: Oooh that was good. You’re the best

Freddie: Thanks

Sam: Let’s all just act normal and stop kissing for a while

Freddie: Sure. But wait. Let’s do one more.

Sam: Oh I think we should no-....okay.

Freddie and Sam kiss one more time for 3 seconds

Sam: You’re such a good kisser!

Freddie: You too

Sam: I missed us

Freddie: It’s been a year and I can’t believe we had so much in us

Sam: Yeah. I felt like it was just yesterday when we hated each other, then we kissed in your balcony, then I kissed you in the lock-in...

Freddie: And I kissed you in the mental hospital, then we dated...

Sam: Ahh I can’t believe time runs so fast!

Freddie: Yep. I just hope we’d be more peaceful.

Sam: Yep.

Freddie: Before there was that Seddie vs. Creddie thing with fans, but now...

Sam: Oh shush it you!

Freddie: Okay.

Sam: You wanna go to Carly and spread the news?

Freddie: Con mucho gusto!

Sam: What did you say?!

Freddie: I said I like to which is also con mucho gusto

Sam: Suuuureeee.

Freddie: Hey

Sam: What?

Freddie: I love you so much.

Sam: You mean it?

Freddie: Yes. Very!

Sam: ....Aww baby I love you too!

Freddie: Leggo ex-now again girlfriend!

Sam: Never say that

Freddie: Okay...vamos niño!

Sam looks at Freddie

Freddie: Let’s go baby!

Sam: Wooh!


Carly: Now, in Carly's bedroom...

Freddie: And then we kissed 3 times...

Sam: Overall they were 19 seconds...

Freddie: And now we’re dating again!

Carly shocked:

Sam: What we dated last year and now you can’t get over this Carls?

Carly: asdfghjkl You guys are so cute!

Sam: Thanks!

Freddie: O-kay.

Carly: So you guys are gonna kiss all the time?

Sam: No! We promised not too much...

Freddie: But we won’t know if that’s ever gonna happen....”not too much”

Carly: I never had a long time boyfriend...

Sam: But didn’t you have that Steven Carson dude?

Carly: But he cheated on me!

Freddie: What about that Lance guy?

Carly: He thought I was too wild cuz of the tub. And he thinks it’s weird cuz I was naked.

Freddie: But didn’t you have a sweater on?

Carly: Yeah but then it was only the top that know....covered.

Sam: But what about that Griffin dude?

Carly: It was only for a few weeks.

Freddie: Adam?

Carly: Well we saw each other at school after the Webicon then he got mad and dumped me after leaving him

Sam: Gibby?

Carly: NO!

Freddie: Jeffrey?

Carly: I forgot. It was waaay before we created the webshow!

Sam: Freddie?

Freddie looks at Sam: Really? We’re already together so stop being jealous!

Carly: Yeah Sam! Remember, it was only cuz of his saving for me.

Sam: But do you still like him? Remember you said you guys would wait for the time...

Freddie: Nope. I don’t like Carly anymore. I love you.

Sam: Awwww.

Carly: I don’t like Freddie anymore. Case closed. I don’t have a boyfriend!!!

Sam: Oh it’s okay! You’d find someone soon!

Carly: Sure when?!

Freddie in a high voice: In the near future!

Carly slightly slapping Freddie: Oh stop it!

Sam: Hey Carls you wanna go to the build-a-bra?

Carly: Sure. Hey Freddie, do you wanna go and fit some “braws?” Hahahaha...

Sam and Freddie do a face on Carly

Carly: Okay I suck...

Sam: Bye! Miss you love you!

Freddie: Miss you love you too!

Seddie kisses for 3 seconds

Carly and Sam outside Carly’s room

Carly: I thought you guys won’t kiss!

Sam: Well I told you we won’t know, and we love each other!

Carly: Well, I can’t battle with that...I hope I’d get a boyfriend someday

Sam: You wish...

Carly: Yep.

Sam: Wait where’s Spencer?

Carly: Oh he went to have fun with Gibby and Guppy and bought flowers for their mom.

Sam: Do you think he’s successful?

Carly: Nope

Sam: Ahh.

Freddie opens: Guys!

Carly: What?!

Freddie: Can I come? NOT for “braws”

Sam: Why?

Freddie: I wanna go with you!

Sam: Oh...uhh...okay...

Freddie: Okay let’s go...

Sam: Nice muscles!

Freddie: Thanks!

Sam: You look hot today!

Freddie: You too!

Carly: What about me?!

Sam and Freddie: Ohh..uuhhh...

Sam: You look great!

Freddie: Yeah!

Carly: Really?

Sam and Freddie: Yeah!

Carly: Thanks. And I do admit Freddie you look great with muscles!

Freddie: Thanks!

Sam: So what are we doing here?! Are we all just gonna stand here and talk about our looks or go to the mall?!

Freddie: Vamos!

Carly: Let’s go!


So that's the official ending of PART 1 OF THE NEW SEDDIE ARC! Now, the next one is called:

iBattle in Bowling!!!!

This one will be started SOOOOON!!!!! So watch out:) COMMENT PLEASE!

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