Hey everyone! It's been a while and I hope you still support. If this does not reach 8 comments, I'll stop the fanfic and make all all-new fanfics all for comedy:) This will be part 3, so if this does not reach 8 comments, I will not continue the Seddie arc I made. Okay this part all focuses on the Seddie date so this features the Seddie action. ENJOY!

Scene 5: Seattle Bowling Center 3

Sam: Ahh I’m tired

Freddie: Me too

Carly: We’re just about to do the 6th round!

Sam: We’re doing too much strikes!

Carly: Okay yes QUIT!

Spencer: QUIT! QUIT! QUIT!

Sam: Eh yeah Freddie wanna go on a date?

Freddie: Sure baby

Sam: We’re quitting but we can still come back soon right?

Carly: Yeah

Spencer: Thank you for quitting! *Seddie leaves* Gibby! T-Bo! It’s only our pairs left! The renewed couples are gone!

Carly: Spencer we can beat them!

Spencer: But they did all strikes in all 5 rounds

Carly: Us?

Spencer: They’re all 0 except for the first.

Carly: Oh that’s bad...

Gibby: Hey Carly

Carly: Yeah

Gibby: You wanna team up for a new one?

Carly: No Gibby.

T-Bo: It’s the same teams Gib!

Spencer: Yeah! Now let’s do round 6!!!

Carly: Wooh! We can do this!

Spencer: Lets hope...

Scene 6: Seattle Bowling Center Food Court

Sam: I have a question

Freddie: Watcha wanna know?

Sam: That’s my line!

Freddie smiles at the ground

Sam: How did you get that Jane chick?

Freddie: Oh her. Well she’s my mom’s friend’s daughter.

Sam: Who’s your mom’s friend?

Freddie: Carry

Sam: How did you even get Jane and not letting your mom knows?

Freddie: I have ways....

Sam: What did you text her...

Freddie: I told Jane to...go on a date with me....but a pretend date.

Sam: And...

Freddie: I thought she doesn’t like me

Sam: Then she liked you?

Freddie: Yep.

Sam: But how did Carry not know about this and tell ya mom?

Freddie: I told Jane to tell Carry that she’d go with her “girlfriends.”

Sam: Sure...

Freddie: But she’s over...

Sam: made me jealous there...

Freddie: Yep.

Sam: With that lasagna and stuff...

Freddie: I get it.

Sam: But I’m glad those are all fake

Freddie: And I’m glad you were actually ready

Sam: Why?

Freddie: I don’t wanna get rejected again by you and you might tell them you’d break my nerd heart again

Sam: Riiight.

Freddie: So what do you like about me?

Sam:’re strong...

Freddie: But you said when we crashed Kenan Thompson’s house that I’m weak..and I had muscles that time already...

Sam: I was kidding...

Freddie: Ahh...whatelse?

Sam: You’re...

Freddie: I’m....

Sam does one big breathe: cute, awesome, great, nerdy but cool, nice, caring, and smokin’ hot.

Freddie: Woah. That’s a lot. And thanks for the thin I’m hot?

Sam being awkward: Yep....remember when I got your shirt and saw you shirtless?

Freddie: Yeah. It embarrassed me and girls kept taking pics...

Sam: Well...I think you’

Freddie: Umm thanks...

Sam: What about you?

Freddie: What about me?

Sam: What do you like about me?

Freddie: Ohh...lemme’re cool, easy to handle, tough, great, awesome, cute, pretty, and beautiful.

Sam: Awwww.

Freddie and Sam kiss for 4 seconds

Sam: Oh right.

Freddie: What?

Sam: Another thing is you’re a good kisser.

Freddie: A good kisser or a great kisser?

Sam: Well, let’s find out...

Freddie and Sam kiss for 2 seconds


Freddie: You’re a good kisser.

Sam: Ya sure?

Freddie: Give me love!

Sam: Sure!

Freddie and Sam kiss for 2 seconds

Freddie: You’re such a great’re the best kisser!

Sam: Aww thanks!

Freddie and Sam continue to kiss

Scene transitions to Carly looking at Sam and Freddie

Carly: They’re a serious couple now and I still don’t have a boyfriend!

Gibby goes to Carly: CARLY!

Carly: AHH!

Gibby: What are you talking about?

Carly replies fast: Nothing! Nothing.Nothing.

Gibby: Uhh okay. Hey look! Sam and Freddie!

Carly: Yup...

Gibby: They’re a serious couple...

Carly: Yup...and I don’t have a boyfriend!

Gibby: Well I’m here so you wanna...

Carly: No Gibby!

Gibby: Okay.

T-Bo enters: Hey! Are we gonna play bowling or not!

Gibby: Let’s play!

Carly: Wooh!

Scene 7: Seattle Bowling Center 4

Carly: Go Spencer!

T-Bo: Don’t get a strike!

Gibby: You guys will loose!

Spencer: SHUSH!

  • Spencer bowls and gets 0 pins*

Carly: NOO!!!

T-Bo: YES!!!

Gibby: Wait what round are we?

Carly: We’re in round 7...

Gibby: If Sam and Freddie would come back and play, would there be a chance they’d win?

Carly: Maybe...

Spencer: Cuz until now they made 100 pins perfect from rounds 1-5...

Carly: And Spencer and I only have 39 pins down!

Spencer: And it’s all because of rounds 2-5 having all pins not knocked down!

Carly: But if Spencer gets this one all pins down and a spare we’d get 49!!!

Spencer: Yeah and you guys have 60 pins down!

Carly: We’re loosing!

Spencer and Carly hug each other

Gibby: Yeeeah!!! 60 pins down!

T-Bo: You want tacos?....on a stick?

Carly: No T-Bo!

Spencer: Nah

Gibby: Where’s the stick?!

T-Bo: It’s not here.

Gibby: Then why’d you say tacos on a stick for us?

T-Bo: I have tacos on a stick in the groovy smoothie!

Carly: Oh T-Bo...GO SPENCER!

  • Spencer bowls and spares*

Spencer: WOHOOO!!!!!!

Carly: YAAY!

  • Carly and Spencer hug*

So that ends part 3! Please support up to 8 comments (4 comments from you guys, 4 comments from me)

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