iBattle in Bowling Part 2 is finally here! This one revolves on ROUND 1 of their bowling play:)) It has cute Seddie moments cuz they team up for the bowling battle:)) Enjoy and comment pls!:) Positive/negative comment I would appreciate it and if it's negative i'll try my best to make the others better:)

Part 2 starts at the Groovy Smoothie...

Carly: So you’re all set for the bowling Saturday night?

T-Bo: Sure am Carly!

Carly: Great now uhh can I order Strawberry blitz?

T-Bo: Ohh, you’re here for a smoothie?

Carly: Uhh yeeeah!

T-Bo: Well today our smoothie machine is broken down so we’re selling bagels.

Carly: Bagels? again?

T-Bo: Sure do. Now would you buy one or leave?

Carly: I’ll leave.

T-Bo: Okay.

Gibby enters

Carly: Hey Gibby!

Gibby: Heya Carly!

Carly: If you want smoothies, there are no smoothies today

Gibby: Then what to they have?

Carly: Bagels

Gibby: Eh. I’ll just buy bagels then.

Carly: Ohkay....

Saturday Night: Before starting the battle, they all team up...

Carly: Okay. So what do you guys wanna do for bowling?

Spencer: Uhh...bowling?

Carly: Yeah but how?

Gibby: Why not let’s all team up!

Carly: Great!

Sam: I wanna be with my baby...

Freddie: Awkay...

Sam and Freddie kiss

Spencer: Carly! You wanna team up?

Carly: Great!

Gibby: I’ll be with T-Bo then!

T-Bo: I’m T-Bo!

Carly: Yeah we all know that.

Spencer: ...So....Let’s start this thing!

Carly: Yeah!

Sam: Wwwwwait.

Freddie: I wanna bowl already!

Sam: Daddy waaaait

Freddie: Why?

Sam: See those chicks?

Freddie: Hehe yeah they’re smokin...*Sam looks at Freddie* smokin weird...

Sam: Oh shush! NEVER. And I mean never get near them

Freddie: Why?

Sam: They’re iCarly fans...

Freddie: So they’re just iCarly fans!

Sam: Not just iCarly fans. Those are fangirls who wanna get you and snatch you from us...

Freddie: Uhuh...

Sam: And then you’d probably like them...

Freddie: Psh no!

Sam: And trust me I can’t beat them up that fast! They’re wiiiild fans.

Freddie: Uhuh...

Spencer: Hey are we just gonna talk about your date or we’re gonna play bowling?

Carly: Let’s play!

Gibby: Gibbeh

T-Bo: Wooh!

Sam: Let’s go!

Freddie: Wohooo!

Round 1 starts with Spencer, but then the script starts after Spencer bowls...

Carly tired: Ahh my bowling ball’s so heavy!

Sam: Why?

Freddie: We were sure your bowling ball would be the lightest...*Freddie carries it* It’s so light!

Sam: How much is the weight?

Freddie: 6!

Sam: Man that’s light!

Carly: Well Freddie you’re “muscular” and Sam you’re tough!

Sam: Yeah but anyone could carry that...even Gibby!

Gibby: Gibbeh

Carly: Is there a chance there’s something lighter?

Sam: Nope. That’s the lightest.

Carly: Oh fine.

Spencer: Carly it’s your turn!

Carly: Okay...*Carly bowls her ball and gets a strike*....OMYGAWD! I got a strike!

Sam: B-b-b-oh forget it.

Gibby: WHAT?!??!

Freddie: I thought it’s light!

Carly: I’m lucky!

T-Bo: She got a strike?!?!?!

Spencer hi-fives Carly: Wohoo!!!

Freddie: No! They’re winning!

Sam: Oh it’s okay daddy, mamma’s gotcha.

Sam pats Freddie

Spencer: Daddy?

Carly: Mamma?

T-Bo: What’s happening?

Gibby: Are they having a baby?!?

Carly face palms: Gibby!

Spencer: It’s an expression

Gibby: Oh.

Sam: Oh Gibby.

T-Bo: Hey! Gibby it’s our turn!

Gibby: Gibbeh’s gonna get this!

  • Gibby bowls, it gets out*

Sam: Gibby!

Freddie: You’re not supposed to throw it!

Gibby: NO! It got out!!!

Carly: You’re supposed to just hold it and let it go!

Spencer: Cuz if you throw it, it might break into pieces!

Gibby: But isn’t that really how we play bowling? Like we throw it?

Sam: No!

Freddie: Who does that?!

Gibby: Gibbeh does that

Everyone face palms

Sam: Hey hey T-Bo do Gibby’s other one before he breaks everything!

T-Bo: Sure “mamma”

Sam: Hey! Nobody calls me that except for mumma herself and Fredward!

T-Bo: Okay!

  • T-Bo bowls, gets 9 pins down*

T-Bo: NO NO NO! Why not a strike man!

Sam: Well too bad you don’t get a strike! Well now it’s your turn...

T-Bo: Okay here we go...

  • T-Bo bowls, gets a strike*

T-Bo: Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Who gets a strike now?! ME!

Carly: Aww man!

Gibby: Yes! Now we’re winning!

Freddie: Let’s go baby!

Carly: I thought it’s mamma?

Spencer: I thought it’s daddy?!

Sam: Eh we have a lot of nicknames.

Freddie: Let’s go baby!!!

Sam: Thanks baby!

  • Sam bowls a strike*

Sam: Wohoo! I got a strike!!!

Freddie: You did amazing!

Sam: Oh I know

Carly: We’re not leading!

Spencer: Man we’re all so good!

Everyone looks at Spencer

Spencer: What?!?! It’s true!

Sam: Let’s go baby!!!

Freddie: Thanks baby!

Carly: Man if Freddie gets a strike here they’d win the game!

Spencer: Carly. It’s just the first round.

Carly: Oh. I knew that.

  • Freddie bowls and gets a strike*

Freddie: I GOT A STRIKE!!!

Sam: OMYGAWD baby we’re winning!!!

Freddie: I love you so much!

Sam: Do you mean that now or it’s because of this?

Freddie: I really mean that

Sam: Awww

  • Freddie and Sam kiss*

Carly: Awww!!!

Sam: Thanks!

Carly: NO! Awww we’re loosing!!!

Spencer: You guys are too good!

Freddie: A couple will always be powerful!

Sam: Awwww *blushes*

Gibby: Nooo!!!!

T-Bo: Aw man! I wanna go back to selling smoothies!

Gibby: And bagels

Sam: And other stuff that you put on a stick

T-Bo: Yeah...

So that's part 2! Coming up is part 3, which includes a start of a Seddie date and you will all know how Freddie got Jane!:) Now, comment anything you wanna say, so that I can fix the upcoming chapters:)

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