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    On the one hand, I look at Sam’s expression and I just wonder what in the world Dan is doing to Freddie’s character. Freddie clearly really hurt Sam and what’s more is that he didn’t seem to care. It’s not even so much that his feelings for Carly are apparently back, so much as it’s about how Freddie handled the whole thing. Why would he think it was even okay to make a random pass at Carly? Sam’s best friend and the key source of a lot of her character’s insecurities? Logically, it doesn’t make sense and it’s such a jerkface (being nice here) thing to do. Then, how did he have the audacity to:

    a) lie to Sam when she asked him about his feelings.

    b) do that weird kind of annoying half-smile thing when he was denying it.

    c) just walk out like …

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