aka Jo-Jo

  • I live in São Paulo
  • I was born on May 30
  • My occupation is Estudante
  • I am O que voce acha?
  • SeddieNumberOneFan

    Why do you ship your ship? I mean, everybody has a reason... I ship Seddie because I think that opposites atract, and I ship Cibby cause' I think Carly is the only one who can support Gibby's craziness... What about you guys?

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  • SeddieNumberOneFan
    • How do you write zero in Roman numerals?
    • Why would the Flintstones be celebrating Christmas, they lived at a time before Christ?
    • Why do the movies have explosions in the space battles that are so noisy, if sound doesn't propagate in vacuum?
    • If we are clean after a bath, why do we wash the towel?
    • Why when it appears on the computer the phrase 'No Keyboard Installed ', the manufacturer says to press any key?
    • If men are all the same, why do women choose so much?
    • Why does the word 'Big' is smaller than the word 'Small '?
    • Why is the word 'Separate' written all together and 'All Together' is written separately?
    • Why do the moons of other planets have names, but ours is just called 'moon'?
    • Why do people press the remote control buttons even harder when th…
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  • SeddieNumberOneFan

    I was thinking... And then I realized: I have an identical relationship with Seddie! I AM agressive and I have that like/hate relationship with him, and look what a coincidence: we actually HAD our first kiss together! And I'm not kidding! I was talking with my friends and then the "BV" ( BV is portuguese for FIRST KISS, I live in Brazil...) they said theirs and they asked who was mine, I said I didn't have one yet, they made fun of me and I went away, I bumped into him (I was crying. Yes, I am ALL THAT dramatic...) he was all like "What happened?" and I said what happened, after that I said "Like you care." and walked away, he pulled my arm and when I turned around he kissed me, I slapped him but I actually liked it... I beat him up, and …

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  • SeddieNumberOneFan

    I really wanted to know. I mean, I'm like Carly in various things ( like when people mess up my hair I shout at them and when I break my nail, I cry ) but I'm more like Sam ( after people say I'm a daphidile for crying because I broke my nail, I say that I'm a daphidile that can beat you up, and they say yeah right, and I punch them. I also won armwrestling with my dad. ). Whitch one r u?

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