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Identical ralationships!

I was thinking... And then I realized: I have an identical relationship with Seddie! I AM agressive and I have that like/hate relationship with him, and look what a coincidence: we actually HAD our first kiss together! And I'm not kidding! I was talking with my friends and then the "BV" ( BV is portuguese for FIRST KISS, I live in Brazil...) they said theirs and they asked who was mine, I said I didn't have one yet, they made fun of me and I went away, I bumped into him (I was crying. Yes, I am ALL THAT dramatic...) he was all like "What happened?" and I said what happened, after that I said "Like you care." and walked away, he pulled my arm and when I turned around he kissed me, I slapped him but I actually liked it... I beat him up, and he calls me names. I know it looks like I'm lying, but trust me, I'M NOT!

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