Hey everyone, this is my first blog post :) I was just wondering, you know the Seddie and Creddie paddles in iStart a fan war? The Seddie one was more decorated than the Creddie one wasn't it? I'm sure you've all noticed that the Seddie paddle is in the shape of heart and below the picture it has a little cupid type thingy sitting on a cloud which has a heart around it, the paddle is red and pink and has small hearts going all the way down. But the Creddie one is in the shape of a circle and barely decorated and it's purple and brown and has a few lines across the bottom. However, I'm not nessacarily complaining considering I'm a hardcore Seddie fan, of course but I did feel a little bad for the Creddiers because they were probably a little upset about the fact it was barely decorated.

Anyway, why do you think that they decorated the Seddie paddle more than the Creddie one? Hmm, was there some Seddie hints going on or just that they were too lazy to finish decorating the Creddie one? Haha. Did they run out of decorations for it? or the people/person that made it was a Seddie shipper. Hahahahaha. I don't know.

What do you guys think?

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