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    Hey guys, SeddieShipper29 here (no i'm not here to rant again),

    So everyone has been buzzing over the promo for iLost My Mind.

    But the promo worries me. Here's why:

    • I feel like the relationship is starting too early. i don't want my beloved seddie to turn into a mushy gushy love fest. (to be honest the two kisses in the promo are making me a bit queezy). what if i/we lose the seddie we fell in love with? our love/hate relationship?
    • The u-streamm that Nathan and Noah did said that it won't be resolved in one episode. hopefully that means less kissing action.
    • Theirs gonna be a lack of sparks and excitement when they kiss. If they kiss all the time it'll get boring (and gross). And i remeber right before iOMG when we only had one kiss and were alw…
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    Hi guys,

    I haven't been on in a while. And this blog has something to do with why.

    This "roleplaying" stuff is VERY annoying. I don't thinkt it's needed to have people playing characters. If you wanna do that go to a roleplaying wiki or something please. Which brings up this other thing. The people who are in control of Carly and Sam are putting Cam. *raises red flag*. Their are several reasons why this or any ship shouldn't be happening:

    1. If you're roleplaying the REAL characters (which you/they are) you should stay in the guidelines of what the characters would ACTUALLY do.
    2. If you're doing 1. you shouldn't be putting Cam.....or any ship for that matter seeing as no ships are happening at the moment in the show.
    3. Just because you're in charge of…
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    A Seddie Dream

    April 15, 2011 by SeddieShipper29

    So apparently i fell asleep in th middle of the day. again. But i was blessed with having a Seddie Dream!!!

    So I don't remember everything that happened but here's what i do remember:

    • I'm assuming i was watching the iOMG Part 2 episode.
    • Carly actually helped Freddie figuring out his feelings for Sam.
    • Freddie and Carly are in class when.......FREDDIE ADMITS HE LOVES SAM!!!
    • Everyone in class cheers or does sweet a sweet awww.
    • Sam hears the news and walks up to Freddie.
    • They were about to like."make-out" *blegh*.
    • But who knew Carly was actually good for something!?! She prevented it. :D

    So that's my Seddie Dream. Comments? Opinions? Let me know!

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    So we all have been awaiting the premiere of iOMG. It looks like a total Seddie episode. Which I LOOOOVE. haha. So this is my dream scene when Freddie is talking to Sam. This is my fave scene from the promo and features my fave line from the promo. I was also inspired my many Seddie Shippers. lol. And also I am new. And this is my first blog. So please no hate. :D P.S. This isn't all that realistic. I'll prob make a realistic one after while. So this is half true. And half my dream because...well look at the title!!!

    Freddie: I need to talk to you.

    Sam: What about?

    Freddie: ...About us.

    Sam: What about us?

    Freddie: About our relationship.

    Sam: What relationship? *slight grin*

    Freddie: Ok. So mostly about me....and my feelings....for you.

    Sam: ???? …

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