So we all have been awaiting the premiere of iOMG. It looks like a total Seddie episode. Which I LOOOOVE. haha. So this is my dream scene when Freddie is talking to Sam. This is my fave scene from the promo and features my fave line from the promo. I was also inspired my many Seddie Shippers. lol. And also I am new. And this is my first blog. So please no hate. :D P.S. This isn't all that realistic. I'll prob make a realistic one after while. So this is half true. And half my dream because...well look at the title!!!

Freddie: I need to talk to you.

Sam: What about?

Freddie: ...About us.

Sam: What about us?

Freddie: About our relationship.

Sam: What relationship? *slight grin*

Freddie: Ok. So mostly about me....and my feelings....for you.

Sam: ????

Freddie: Carly sent me in here to talk to you about that Brad guy. So i guess i have to slip him in this conversation.

Sam: Ummm... *face changes to seriousness*

Freddie: I don't want you to go out with him. He makes me....jealous.

Sam: *more seriousness*

Freddie: I just wanna you like me back?


Freddie: I know it's hard for you to let your feelings out in the open. But you never know what will happen. You never know if the person you like is gonna like you back.

Sam: But he does...i think.

Freddie: What do you mean? You like Brad? *sad expression*

Sam: I don't like Brad. I don't want to be with him.

Freddie: you like or...want to be with anyboy?

Sam: Both.

Freddie: What?

Sam: Both....I like AND want you.

====*INSERT KISS*======

Freddie: So....what now?

Sam: Do we go out?


Carly: Oh my God!!! *slips* Woah!

Freddie & Sam: What was that?!? *smile*

Freddie: Are you okay?

Carly: Oh my God.

Sam: What!?!

Carly:!!! *walks away*

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