aka Phoebe.

  • I live in England
  • I was born on February 25
  • My occupation is Super iCarly Fan xD
  • I am Female
  • SeddieShipper4Eva

    In response to ILoveSeddie1234321 's blog post here are some facts about me

    1) I Live in the UK

    2) I Never use my phone, BUT my background is of the iOMG kiss ;)

    3) Aria Wallace + Miranda Cosgrove follow me on twitter

    4) I have a GIGANTICO crush on Noah Munck......yeah

    5) I cant live without my computer.

    6) I have never been abroad (but that changes as of October :D)

    7) I have mini heart attacks when Jennette tweets stuff like she just did

    8) I look a lot like this weirdo:

    (Im just kidding thats me)

    9) This blog is over (it wasnt very good but im tierd and its like 10:30 over here so)

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  • SeddieShipper4Eva

    What i want to know is. When. When did you start shipping whatever you ship?

    Was it like in the pilot or was it gradualy over the seasons, or was it when the ship actually happened??

    Comment and tell your tale :)

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  • SeddieShipper4Eva

    Ok me and my sister spent a whole 3 minuite commercial break yester day whilst watching iSell Penny Tees (of course) making up ideas of my own so here goes (im sorry if these where in the list that those kids read i didnt catch everything they said)

    Chunk Meat

    Jellatine (?spelling?) Bubbles

    Smoothie Thinkin

    Cover Cup

    Rabbit Pins

    Control Chicken

    Sweet Mustard + Show Tunes (because i love that phrase)

    Rubber Socks

    Shirtless Potatoe

    I know theyre bad but if you where to put one on a Penny Tee what phrase would you choose ??

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  • SeddieShipper4Eva

    As you can tell by the title i need your opinion.

    How long do you think that Sam has loved Freddie because i'm really confused as what to think. I really really need to no what you think whoever you are because we are all friends her right...Right *insert confusion here*. But seriously what do you think because just like Spencer in iHeart Art i crave your opinion.

    So comment your thoughts and that will be helpfull :) (im sorry if there is a blog like this im just desprate to know what you think) :P

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  • SeddieShipper4Eva

    What do you guys think Sam was staring at in the promo for iOMG and why ???

    Ps. Why did Freddie looked so shocked

    pps. in the promo also there is somthing infront of Sams face with the pear logo on it what was it?


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