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RE: Random Facts About Me (ILoveSeddie1234321)

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In response to ILoveSeddie1234321 's blog post here are some facts about me

1) I Live in the UK

2) I Never use my phone, BUT my background is of the iOMG kiss ;)

3) Aria Wallace + Miranda Cosgrove follow me on twitter

4) I have a GIGANTICO crush on Noah Munck......yeah

5) I cant live without my computer.

6) I have never been abroad (but that changes as of October :D)

7) I have mini heart attacks when Jennette tweets stuff like she just did

8) I look a lot like this weirdo:



(Im just kidding thats me)

9) This blog is over (it wasnt very good but im tierd and its like 10:30 over here so)

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