Ok, first of all the two mail categories are Creepiest and Scariest (the one that could never happen). Then it goes best friendship. The least important of all of these votes is the Faviroute(originally labelled best) I can not stress that enough. This is _NOT_ a competition.

Well, alrighty then lets start of with:

Faviroute: Seddie with 20 votes. (not a competition)

Best Friendship: Cam(StrictlyFriendship)- Also came in at 20 votes

Creepiest: Spam(R)- Only 9 votes because there where many different ships in this catagorie. Ranging from Tibby to Larrisa

Scariest(this can't happen): Sparrisa- 6 + Spam 6. Although Sparly was close in with 4 or 5

So there you have it, Comment on your thoughts.

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