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    As you all know, 2011 is coming to an end, in just a couple of days. Which'll finally be 2012!

    Often, a way that people kick off the year, is by starting off with a New Years' resolution, to help themselves with something, for the new year, to change themselves, or something that they do.

    Well, what's your New Years resolution for 2012?

    It could be anything, like getting a better grade, stopping a habit, etc. Your New Years resolution could even be for the wiki!

    If you don't understand what I mean, I'll show you an example of what I'm talking about:

    My New Years' resolution for...

    The Wiki: To come on the iCarly wiki, a lot more/daily, to make more edits, and to come on chat more often.

    In Real Life: To overcome my shyness (I'm extremely …

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    Don't Hate on Dan

    November 23, 2011 by SeddieWarrior

    So, I haven't been on the wiki as much as I used to. (I used to come on everyday, and being in an honors class with a lot of amounts of homework is really suckish.) But what I've been hearing, is that people on the wiki are actually hating on Dan.

    Now, is there a reason why to hate on him? The answer is: No

    I've been hearing that some of you here are blaming Dan for the lack of iCarly episodes. Before you do any bashing and complaining about how angry you are at Dan for the lack of iCarly episodes, it's not his fault. Dan doesn't choose the air dates for iCarly. Nickelodeon does. If anything, Dan would want to make iCarly air a lot earlier, if it was his choice! Dan obviously cares about us iCarly fans and wants us to be happy! Dan films only 1…

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    As you can see, you already see what this blog will mainly be about. I'm on twitter and tumblr a lot, and what I'm seeing is people saying that the only reason Freddie said he loves Sam, is because he pitied her. Now, I don't even believe that to be true, one bit. Yeah, I respect people's opinions, but I think the people who are saying that are setting themself false hope, or are just making excuses. Now, getting to the point of this blog:

    I don't think Freddie has pitied Sam at all. Many fans argue that Freddie has pitied Sam, and that's why he kissed her at the end of iLost My Mind. Now, that's not true at all. If he didn't kiss her and just said that he would try their relationship, then it would've sounded a lot more like pity, but he d…

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    Note: Creddiers, you don't have to read this blog, but this isn't a blog "bashing" on Creddie, and this isn't a blog to start a fanwar. I'm just explaning with my reasons why I love Seddie and why I dislike Creddie. I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just expressing my opinion.

    I love Seddie because for one reason, I have always loved love/hate relationships ever since I was young. (Ron/Hermione, Quinn/Logan, Josh/Mindy, etc.) Now, my ultimate reasons to why I love Seddie is because it has shown and portrayed how a relationship can develop and their relationship has developed a LOT. Just think back to the very first episode of season 1: iPilot.

    Now, did any of you think that 3 seasons later, Sam would be in love with Freddie? Didn't think so. haha…

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    Hey everyone! Alright, well I think this would be interesting to do.

    State your favorite Seddie moments from...

    Season 1

    Season 2

    Season 3

    Season 4

    And explain why they're your favorite moments and if you want, maybe make predictions on how you think Seddie will happen. I'm curious to know all your opinions. :)


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