Alright, so I'm in the 8th grade right now and I'm reading Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare and I absolutely love it! It's an amazing book and even though I'm reading in Shakespeare's language, which is hard, I completely understand the book and I love it. Anyway, I believe that Romeo and Juliet is kind of like Seddie. Well, in the beginning, Romeo seems pretty depressed and down because he loves Rosaline and it's unrequited love, because she doesn't return the feeling back so therefore, Romeo's not loved by Rosaline. Now, this part sounds exactly like with Carly. Freddie seems to be "in love" with Carly, yet Carly doesn't return the feeling back at all so therefore, it's unrequited love. Anyway, also, Romeo thought he loved Rosaline, but he really didn't. This seems to be like with Freddie. Freddie thinks he loves Carly, like Romeo thinks he loves Rosaline. Now, Benvolio, Romeo's cousin wants to take Romeo to a masquerede party to cheer Romeo up and tell him to get over Rosaline and that there are better women out there. This is something Sam would say, such as saying Freddie, "Carly will never love you." and saying it won't happen. Romeo thinks he'll always be commited and devoted to loving Rosaline like Freddie being commited and devoted to loving Carly. Although, remember there are twists and turns. When, at a masquerede ball, when Romeo lays his eyes on Juliet, a new feeling comes torward him, admiring her beauty and her charm, and then Romeo falls in love with Juliet. I feel that this could happen, once Freddie sees Sam in a different light, rather than just the girl who "causes him pain". Also, Romeo and Juliet can be seen as a somewhat love/hate relationship like with Seddie because the Capulets and Montagues are family foes and show a strong disliking torwards one another, such as getting into a street fight in Verona. And who else do we know fights and bickers all the time? That's Sam and Freddie who do that. Anyway, when Romeo and Juliet kiss, they seem to fall in love with one another, but once Juliet realizes that Romeo is a Montague, she is struck with horror, because that's her enemey's son, therefore, making Romeo an enemy and Romeo comes torward this realization to with discovering that Juliet is a Capulet. Now, I believe that once Sam and Freddie realize they have feelings for each other, they'll be overstruck with fear and shock because they think they "hate" each other (even though they don't) and they think it's crazy of them being together (even though it's not). Now, do any of you think, feel, or believe that Romeo and Juliet can be like Seddie?


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