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    Miranda tweeted that a past guest star with a crazy role will return!I'm pretty sure that it's Nora,but who knows?It could be Mandy,too!Hey,hey.Wait.Dan tweeted some days ago that he was writing a sequel to a really popular iCarly episode that aired a while back,now Miranda tweets that a guest star that had a crazy role will return!Well,I'm sure it's Nora.But as I said before,who knows?!

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  • Seddie Crazy Fan

    Oh well...

    June 22, 2011 by Seddie Crazy Fan

    You know,I think there should be an episode that actually is mostly about Spencer.I can remember only one,iHeart Art.But that was really old.Spencer always is in the subplot.Another example is Trina from Victorious.They mostly are in the subplot and that's a bit unfair.What do you think?

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