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July 16, 2010
  • Seddie Lover

    Merry Christmas iCarly Fans, for the time being I'm making Seddie Christmas chocolate chip cookies!

    What is your Christmas List!

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  • Seddie Lover

    This is a fan made: Seddie Episode:

    Snene: School

    Sam: I can't believe I got a F on my History text.

    Freddie: Maybe because you fell asleep, you woke up, you told Mr. Ham you think History stupid, and burp loudly and lefted.

    Sam: So, at least he knew how I felt. I wonder why Mr Ham's last name is ham?

    Sam: That just makes me want to have ham.

    Carly: Yeeeeeah...... right.

    Sam: What?

    Carly: You need to get higher grades or you'll get left back!

    Sam: I don't need this.

    Carly: Don't you care?

    Sam: (thinking).................nope!

    Carly: Ahhhh.....

    (iCarly's Main Theme Song)

    Scene: (Carly's House)

    Sam: I really hate this! (drop bookbag on Carly's Couch)

    Gibby: Why?

    Sam: I have to be partners with this hobone!

    Gibby: (confused).......who?

    Sam: Freddie!

    Freddie: Don…

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