This is a fan made: Seddie Episode:

Snene: School

Sam: I can't believe I got a F on my History text.

Freddie: Maybe because you fell asleep, you woke up, you told Mr. Ham you think History stupid, and burp loudly and lefted.

Sam: So, at least he knew how I felt. I wonder why Mr Ham's last name is ham?

Sam: That just makes me want to have ham.

Carly: Yeeeeeah...... right.

Sam: What?

Carly: You need to get higher grades or you'll get left back!

Sam: I don't need this.

Carly: Don't you care?

Sam: (thinking).................nope!

Carly: Ahhhh.....

(iCarly's Main Theme Song)

Scene: (Carly's House)

Sam: I really hate this! (drop bookbag on Carly's Couch)

Gibby: Why?

Sam: I have to be partners with this hobone!

Gibby: (confused).......who?

Sam: Freddie!

Freddie: Don't worry everything will go......

Sam: (upset) quiet!

Freddie: (scared) Okay!

Carly: Can't you guys get along just once.

Freddie: I try, but we keep on arguing like buttheads!

Sam: Like buttheads?!

Fredddie: Yes! Like buttheads!

Carly: Ahhhh..... Come on Gibby, let's go up to our room to study science.

Gibby: Okay, wait I have to take my shirt off first. (take off shirt)

Gibby: (rub stomach) Ahhhh, yeah....

Carly: (Carly staring at Gibby) Ahhh, can we please do this science homework quickly, I don't want to stare at your....

Gibby: Don't say it.

(Both go upstairs)

(A while later)

Carly: Okay Gibby, what's next?

Gibby: Uh, logic!

Carly: Alright.

(Suddenly hear Freddie screaming)

Carly: (go down stairs) What the?

(see Sam beat up Freddie on the couch)

Freddie: (getting beat up) Somebody help! Heeeeeeeeeelp!

Carly: Sam! No! (grabbing Sam off Freddie)


Sam: You like that!

Carly: (finally Sam is off Freddie) Why were you beating him up!

Sam: Because he keeps saying I'm getting the meaning of empirical wrong!!

Freddie: It's true!

Carly: That's it!

Freddie: What?

Carly: Me and Sam's going to have a talk. So your outta here!

Freddie: But...

Carly: OUT!!!!

Freddie: Ahhhhh. (goes out the door)

(Gibby comes down stairs)

Carly: And you! OUT!!!!!

Gibby: But we're not done yet.

Carly: OUT!!!!!!!!!

(Gibby quietly walks out the door)

(Both girls sit on the girl)

Carly: Can try to get along Freddie nicely?

Sam: Yeah likes THATS going to happen.

Carly: Do you love Freddie?

Sam: (awkward face) uh.........................yes.

Carly: (smiling) yeaaah (giggle)

Carly: (suddenly shocked) WHAT!?!?!?! WHAT?!?!

(commerical break)

Carly: (shocked) Your seriously do love Freddie, like love.

Sam: Yeah.

Carly: Oh my GOD!!

Sam: Did I just said that! I said I love bacon!

Carly: (insane) No! You said "I love Freddie."

Sam: I didn't say that!

Carly: In my world you did!

Sam: Find I truely love Freddie.

Carly: Oh my GOD!

Sam: Can you stop repeating that.

Carly: Sorry, I'm just so...... surprised. But I am happy for you.

Sam: You are.

Carly: Yup.

Sam: Says you.

Carly: What?

Sam: Freddie's in love with you, and the man doesn't like me.

Carly: Don't worry, I'll talk with Freddie about it alright.

Sam: Okay, but DON'T tell him I say it, just ask him, if he has feelings for me okay!

Carly: Sure!

(next day)

Scene: school

(Carly goes to Freddie's Locker)

Carly: Hey Freddie.

Freddie: Oh, hey Carly. What is it?

Carly: Do you have feelings for Sam.

(Stares at Carly)

(then tries to run away, but Carly grabbed his shirt)

Carly: (holding Freddie) I don't think so.

Freddie: (stops running) Okay, YES, I have feelings for Sam.

Wendy: OMG! (smiling) You feelings for Sam?!

Freddie: Wendy.... Wendy...,. please....


Everyone: (teasing Freddie)

Freddie: No! Stop talking about it! UH!

Freddie: (Runs outside)

Carly: I'm coming! (runs out the door of the school)

Scene: Carly's House

Carly: I'm sorry I asked you.

Freddie: Don't worry, it's true I like Sam though.

Scene: Outside Carly's Apartment

(Sam over hearing Carly and Freddie's conversation)

Sam: (happy whispering) He likes me!

(suddenly Spencers here)

Spencer: What are you doing?

Sam: No, what were you doing for the rest of the episode!

Spencer: Dating a girl in Hollywood.

Sam: (weird out) carry on.

Spencer: (Weird out) Carry on.

End of Episode

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