Hey,,, iam wondering Why you like Cam/Creddie/Seddie

Well Mine I explanie why I like Cam

Well Cam is All our favorite ships in all episode there is an Cam part (expect for iWon't Cancel the Show).Cam is my favorite too but it's my Second most like ship.Cam is also know as Sarly,,,,,,but Cam is the Most Power full ship for Us cuz' all iCarly Episode have an Cam part but not the iWont Cancel the Show cuz' Sam is in the Jubbie..... Well even Cam is my Second favorite ship For All Cam Shipper you are Cool...

Why sometimes I hate Carly and Sam fighting

Well in iSaw Him First they are Fighting about Shane.When iam see them Fighting they are like Monsters ahhhhhhhh.....So Monsterfull in my Head when iam see them Figting well in some of my dream's when iam finish watching some iCarly Episode like iSaw Him First iam Dream that Sam like me in her group and Carly what me in her group too.So All of us hate Sam and Carly are Fighting right.....

Well Mine I explanie why I like Creddie Sometimes

Well first iam an Creddie Shipper.Well when iam Watching iStart a Fanwar is Changes Creddie too Seddie but in iSaved Your Life iam Amaz a little who Carly Kisses Freddie For 36 minutes hahahaha when Mrs.Benson Came in room iam Laughing LOL...In iSpeed Date iam in my heart is like Freddie is Touching My heart,,,GOD iam so Dizzy a little in iSpeed Date....If you are an Creddie Shipper you are Awsome.

Why iam Have Creddie sometimes

Well now iam An Seddie Shipper so I don't like Creddie Cuz' I have many cuz' why I don't like Creddie so here is the best Cuz' Creddie is So Lame.When Carly and Freddie are Girlfriend and Boyfriend the iCarly will not be Funny any more

Well Mine I explanie why I like Seddie

Well Fordt they are Funny Couple I remember in iKiss me and My little brother watching I have an Towel Cover his Eyes and Take off the towel when they are Finish Kissing.I shout and Shout I say Seddie for 100 times hahahaha......So in iStart a Fanwar when a man Shout "Seddie" iam can't stop Laughing....I like when they are Fighting You can Feel the love in the air hahahahahhahahahahaha.......If you are a Seddie Shipper you are Amazing

Why sometimes I hate Seddie

Well only one answer I will Say is Sometimes there teasing for each other are going to where...

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