Hey,In my Twitter Dan never answer me I say to him

@DanWarp What is the next episode of iCarly after the iParty with Victorious ?

and he never answer me,,so i'am so confuse

so do you think what will be the next iCarly episode after iParty With Victorious?

well mine is iGirlfriend


Sam and Carly are so worried about Freddie.Since in that day Freddie see a beautiful girl that see like to met but see peed on his pants by acciendantaly.So after that day Freddie are eating,sleeping,showing and pee in iCarly studio.


Sam:Freddie!Freddie!.Are you here


Sam:Why are you here?

Freddie:Because yesterday I see a Beutiful girl in my eyes,and when I was gonna saying hi to her I pee myself in my pants.

Sam:Hahahahahahahahah (Paused a moment) that is so Funny I wish I can see it



Carly:Why is Freddie in here

Freddie:I will gonna live here


Freddie:Cuz' (Pause a moment) I wan't a GIRLFRIEND

Sam and Carly:What?

Freddie:Iam so Lonely and I want a girlfriend

Sam:Carly leave us alone

Carly leave the room

Sam:Do you like a (Pause a moment) GIRLFRIEND


Sam:Cuz' I can be Your (Paused a second) Girlfriend

Freddie:Why?,,You always hate me

Sam:Yesterday the girl you see is me,,,Iam cover my mounth.

Freddie:That's mine....

Sam:Yah,,Iam your Crush

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